Rare Norm Exclusive: Umass Amherst Halloween

This past weekend, everyone all over the US celebrated Halloween. Being a college student from UMass Lowell, where the parties just aren’t as live, UMass Amherst was was the move for the night. The Rare Norm staff hit the road peep the scene at The Zoo, otherwise known as UMass Amherst.umass_logo1

As expected the scene was popping!

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Lit was one of our first stops! The ambiance was stellar. An indoor waterfall, an eye-catching light show during dance hours and tons of ghouls and goblins to dance with. The staff is friendly and extremely professional, which are the two main things you’d look for in a bar, right? The Venue has affordable drinks and a great selection of music! Overall I’d give Lit an 8.5/10! Lit is located at 41 Boltwood walk, Amherst

https://www.facebook.com/LitAmherst/ Web: http://litlike.me/

On top of the magnificent bar and club venues out in Amherst, Thousands of students were out in costumes heading to parties, roaming the streets, simply having fun to celebrate and show their Halloween and Amherst pride! Here are some of our Favorites:

DJ’s Khaled’s second cousin. #CHAINGANG
Ted, Construction Worker, Ghostbusters
Rawr !


When push comes to shove, find a hottie with a golden shovel.

After we had a photo shoot with the energetic Amherst crowd, we began to have a bit of fun ourselves! We bought some delicious buffalo chicken pizza from Antonio’s Pizza Shop on North Pleasant and also got another fabulous drink at Stackers Pub!!

Antonio’s 31 North Pleasant St Amherst, Massachusetts


Stackers Pub 57 North Pleasant St Amherst, Massachusetts


More Rare Norm exclusive event photos, Interviews and more, coming soon so stay tuned!

If you are interested in applying to University of Massachuset Amherst Visit Here: http://www.umass.edu/gateway/admissions Its a great school for the rarest of minds!

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