Rare Norm Top Underground INTERNET Picks for Hip – Hop Lovers Vol. 5


RareNorm methodically picked some of the top underground INTERNET picks for hip – hop lovers off of the web. This doesn’t necessarily mean views. These are songs we like and think are sonically and musically up to today’s standards.

L.O Heemz - Hundred

In the Cut (feat. Nataanii Means & Antoine Edwards)

Seventh Soldano - Fast Forward

the yub hub - My Way Out

Direala - What We Do

Pinto - PT.like.ET 

Mocity Jones - Font

Prie$t - INTL.Prod by 7thsoul

Mellay - Luggage Tags

Lukæs - Two Weeks 

K Trelli - Love Song Prod by Don Camillo 

Username:Adapter X xTheHolySquidx - Doubt

Euphorik - Reaper

Medusa - Boy of the Yearniverse

Saquae - Reminsce (feat. Champ2Real) 

Mystical Joyride - Beat That 'Rona! 

Tinywiings - Read My Mind

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