Ryan Egan – Cruel Times Artist Spotlight Vol. 145 #RyanEgan #Musicismylife

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

About “Cruel Times:”The song is a testament to the era at which we are living through; one of impending societal and environmental catastrophe while political leaders in the US and abroad tout overt bigotry and place corporate interests and pseudoscience above citizens. Every day we are asking ourselves, ‘what the fuck is happening and what can we possibly do to change course?'”

I am hoping to achieve a consistency of production value and purposeful writing that can reach as many people as possible. I often write and release songs that are across a broad spectrum genre-wise, and some of my favorite artists have also been able to walk this line effortlessly i.e The Beatles, Beck, Radiohead etc, so I’m just hoping to make a career within a similar structure.

I fell in love with music as a child, mostly thanks to the collective appreciation that existed in my house. I later fell in love with it on a creative and more personal level when my friends and I started writing and performing as teenagers. It was over from then on.

Next up I have some video and single releases for the Fall of this year and otherwise, I’m considering working on a cohesive collection of music like an EP or something because I’ve lately just been releasing singles.


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On the day of the Lord, thou should listen to your boy on @spotify // Cruel Times out now // 📷 @hugocohen

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I live in Paris now.

— Ryan Egan (@thisryanegan) September 24, 2019

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