Samie Bower – Talk It Out Artist Spotlight Vol. 157 #SamieBower #Music

Rarenorm: “Why did you make this song? What do you want to achieve in your music career? When did you start loving music and what are you creating next?”

So made the song because I was going through a heartbreak, it was a back and forth thing. Mainly as time went on though, it reached a point that I didn’t even want to talk it out anymore. It became so bad and toxic, that constantly trying to make something work.. I just couldn’t try anymore.

As for my music career, I’m aiming to become a big name.

I really aim for being a huge songwriter for bigger artists, while still being an artist in my own lane and really being creative. I’m huge on visuals, though crazy visuals tend to be very costly so, I just been looking towards trying to find investors and etc to really have my art speak.

I started loving music in middle school, and since about college have been taking it seriously ever since. Right now attempting to get a bigger budget for a music video of my next release, though it’s been a bit difficult, I have been standing firm though. This vision will come to life,

I just have to keep sending my music around until maybe a sponsor kicks in, who knows. We’ll see. Also wanting to start getting my music in TV Shows / Film. Currently in LA so, hoping to come across that soon.

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in other news for anyone’s music career: #DontSoundLikeShit #GetYaShitMixed 💀

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fuck. I’m walking to this job like “I don’t even wanna go, I wanna record music. fuck” lmaoo

— Samie Bower (@samiebower) August 5, 2019

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