“Game of Thrones” Kills off Great Couples; Hope Lives On

“Game of Thrones” Kills off Great Couples; Hope Lives On

Romance does not last long in HBO’s epic series “Game of Thrones.” Those couples that do manage to find love and find happiness are soon split apart by betrayal, murder, or both. For every decimated couple, we see potential for romance between such unlikely characters that it makes us ponder the possibilities of love.

The couples we love are decimated by betrayal or murder, or a combination of both.

Young Princess Danerys’ brother sells her to the Khal, (lord), of a savage tribe of horse-riders. Dissatisfied in her marriage, Danerys enlists one of her own slave girls to teach her how to enjoy intimacy with the Khal. Danerys and the Khal fall deeply in love: she lovingly him her sun and stars, and he worshipfully calls her his moon. Then, the Khal takes a sword to the abdomen, and dies a slow and terrible death.
John Snow, captured by his enemies, the Wildlings, gets together with a red-headed, bow-and-arrow wielding woman from across enemy lines. Snow stubbornly holds onto his vows of chastity while the Wildling girl taunts him until he breaks down. They have an electrically passionate, romantic rendevous in a cave. Snow breaks the girl’s heart when, bound by loyalty to his regime, he sneaks out of the Wildling camp and returns to his military base. Later, in times of difficulty, he wonders if he should have stayed in that cave.


Even Tyrion Lannister, a royal dwarf, disfigured further by battlewounds, finds a kind of love. He meets a whore in a battlecamp. She is taller than him, but not by much. He brings her back home with him, and she calls him her little lion, which he loves. Tyrion kills both her and his father, when Tyrion finds her naked in his father’s bed.

In the face of so much heartbreak, we look for romantic potential in the most unlikely places

Danerys met Jorah Mormont at her wedding to the Khal. Mormont swore his loyalty to her, and continued to serve her after her the Khal’s death. Danerys discovers that Mormont had come to her as a spy for her enemies. She banished him, even though he had long stopped spying, and had saved her life several times. When she goes-missing, he finds her held captive by a horse tribe, and he saves her again. He tells her he loves her, and that he has the stone-man (check) disease that will soon kill him. Mormont is much older than Danerys. Her facial expression in response to Mormont’s confession showed heart-felt concern for him, but did not give away any definite returned romantic feelings. She orders him to find a cure for his sickness, because he has sworn to protect her and she needs him.
Sansa Stark, betrothed to the hellish Prince Joffrey Lannister-Baratheon, is under the constant watch of the prince’s frightly-looking bodyguard, Sandor Clegane. Though a murderous man himself, Clegane assists Sansa when she tricks the prince into not having an innocent man killed, at the prince’s birthay celebration. Later, Clegane finds and rescues Sansa from a group of rapers during a riot. When their city is under siege, Clegane he finds Sansa, hidden in a cave, and begs her to escape with him. She turns down his offer, and Clegane leaves the city. Sansa so badly wanted to marry a handsome prince, but maybe what she needs is an ugly but strong, bad boy, who cleans up his act to win her heart.


Brienne of Tarth, a female knight, is commissioned to transport the royal Jamie Lannister, as a prisoner, for a hostage exchange. Jamie’s hands are bound, but not his mouth. He mercilessly taunts Brienne about her manly size and appearance. Then, when a group of enemy men captures the duo, Jamie protects Brienne from a rape, in an uncharacteristic act of heroism. Jamie alone is released from captivity, but he returns for Brienne and pulls her out of a bear-pit. Later he gives her a sword and and they share meaningful looks. Stiff and stubborn Brienne begins to let herself notice Jamie’s handsome features. It appears that Jamie has a soft spot for he as well, but his heart is already owned by his beautiful, cruel and power-hungry sister. It is war-time in “The Game of Thrones,” and no one gets a happily-ever-after. If they both survive, maybe the two will connect after things settle down.


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