Greatest Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time

Greatest Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time

Number 1 goes to Ed, Edd and Eddy. These dudes brought imagination to the cal-de-sac and for that we say thank you!

Greatest Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time

Number 2 goes to Dragon Ball Z. This awesome show showed us that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Thank you DBZ!


Number 3 goes to Samurai Jack. This ninja from another realm slayed the darkest of souls in front of our eyes in a simple yet stylish way and for that we say thanks for the adventures !


4. Courage The Cowardly Dog, This Lovely pup brought us through his nightmares, but together we conquered them with the help of his courage. For that we say Thank you


5. The Power Puff Girls. Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice always brought the heat to their villains, slaying them on the daily and teaching us that we too can conquer our greatest enemies with help from the ones we love and for that we say Thank You!


6. Kids Next Door. These kids were that group of individuals we wanted our own squad to become. Loyal , smart and kick ass with no adults or teenagers to interfere. Thanks for the adventures KND!


7. Johnny Bravo. This hunk brought style and pazzaz with his awesome hairdo. Failing to ever get any girl he actually wanted, he showed us you can fail a million times, but always get up and try again and for that we say thank you Johnny!


8. Cow and Chicken. These hilarious farm animals honestly reminded me of the two goof balls in every year of classes, that would absolutely have you laughing and for that we say thank you for the laughs!

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9. Scooby Doo. This gang of mystery solving geniuses showed us that with the help of a great team and loyal dog , there isn’t a mystery you couldn’t solve. So go out and get your crew and start solving the mysteries of life!


10. Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. This show spoke for its self, a boy escaping the roughness of life with his imaginary friends who took him in as their own and made him happy. For that thank you for showing that our own mind can bring each of us happiness beyond compare.

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Honorable mention to dexter’s laboratory

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