Samurai Jack Returns to Adult Swim in 2016

Adult Swim has declared that Samurai Jack will be returning to Cartoon Network next year. Continuing four seasons, the favorite show aired from 2002 to 2007. The brand new episode is presently under first creator Gerry Tartakovsky in production and is anticipated to be much more violent and darker, now being under the Adult Swim umbrella.

Samurai Jack Returns to Adult Swim in 2016

Samurai Jack Returns to Adult Swim in 2016

Next year after over a decade on ice, Samurai Jack is heading back to Cartoon Network. Adult Swim only declared that Genndy Tartakovsky, the animator behind the acclaimed show in addition to favorites like the animated Star Wars along with Dexter’s Laboratory : Clone Wars microseries, is back to make a fresh season which will land in 2016 on Toonami.

Samurai Jack debuted in 2001, and, within the span of 52 episodes and four seasons, went on to be a cult favorite. A samurai simply called Jack, who’s sent to the remote future by the evil demon Aku is followed by the show. The journey can continue.

Continuing where the previous seasons left off, young samurai Jack will be followed by the show as he journeys on his search to return to yesteryear and reverse the destruction resulting from the wicked wizard Aku.

Make sure you stay tuned for more on the return of Samurai Jack.

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