This ISOLATED TRIBE wants no contact with society and we wouldn’t blame them !

Did you know that in this present age of digital technology there are still  ‘uncontacted tribes’ ? One isolated tribe is called the Sentinelese. This tribe inhabits the North Sentinel Island and over the centuries, they have had little or no contact with the outside world. The Sentinelese still practice hunting and gathering, practices that all humans did almost 10,000 years ago. These people have never developed agriculture. north-sentinel-island-lies-off-the-coast-of-the-great-adaman-archipelago-a-chain-of-islands-in-the-middle-of-the-indian-ocean-between-india-and-the-malay-peninsula

The Sentinelese are a hostile lot, aggressively resisting interaction with other people. To date, there are only a few isolated cases of anthropologists who have managed to set foot on the North Sentinel Island. Groups of nationalities like European explorers and Indian coast guards who have neared their coasts have been greeted with arrows. Shipwreck survivors have also not been spared this cruel treatment.

sentinelese indian coast guard

It’s is because of this unwelcoming attitude that the Sentinelese have been shut off from the outside world for this long. The Sentinelese want nothing to do with us. Tribes living inhabiting places like the Amazon Rainforest have solely been unreached because such areas are to some extent hidden from us.

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