10 Celebrities Who Quit Acting For Regular Jobs

10 Celebrities Who Quit Acting For Regular Jobs

10 Celebrities Who Quit Acting For Regular Jobs

Here are 10 famous celebrities that quit Hollywood for regular jobs.

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10 Celebrities Who Quit Acting For Regular Jobs

Mojo Mojo - last year


Dot Thurman - last year

Sounds like most of them didn't quick but that Hollywood wouldn't cast them in other projects.. Glad they can survive all that ridiculous rejection.

91 ghosts - last year

i really can relate to ice t. i went to trades school after h.s. but suffered from things and personal life. od'd was revived after a 34 heart beat for a 2nd chance. now pursuing acting and trades. jeremy renner is also a very great actor, and flips houses like theres no tmmrw!

DiamondDead - last year

"regular jobs"

Robert Drake - last year

Thumbs down for misleading title.

/TRI3 Light - last year

It looks like I've been living under a rock…..This was interesting

kryceksangel - last year

Now one of the Sprouse twins plays Jughead

lairdriver - last year

Fairplay to them. Honesty in your life is an amazing thing.

kosopaty - last year

"Regular" Jobs hah

Jay Heaney - last year

Hillary Banks was my first crush

Jay Heaney - last year

Hillary Banks was my first crush

Joel Maliskas - last year

The RED wedding

Steve McIlroy - last year


omgseriouslydude - last year

Dylan and Cole are smart as hell for their decision. Not only did they retain their decent track record of acting, but they got their college diplomas in case Hollywood screwed them over lol

Mya Shepperd - last year

When I say the thumbnail I yelled "IS THAT JUGHEAD"😂

Rumelia - last year

Becomes chummy with Putin, obtains Serbian citizenship.

And you're telling me you aren't an annex of mother Russia. Geez, Serbia..

FBI - last year

can celebrities become president of united states ? yes they can , but still these morons like kanye west think they can become president like trump did , trump knows economy very well hes 100000 times better than obama .

Brian Reilly - last year

now Cole is Jughead

BootyMunchers - last year

every celebrity dated madonna

Nani - last year

Nemraps haha

andre luis Silva - last year


Poodered Tatties - last year

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Shows Temple of Doom DVD 👌

Discoloured Buttflaps - last year

What about our favourite rogue robot overlord from the future becoming the overlord governor of California?

WeegeeTheGabumon - last year

I never want to be famous. It seems like hell.

BodhiZaffa - last year

Vanilla Ice didnt quit his music career… it just died.

Chelsea Borton - last year

I'm sorry, purple wedding?!

Daniel Bailey - last year

I heard that acting really isn't as fun as it probably looks, it's extreme long hours, being told every inch of what to do, and most times working with shitty seedy people.

Amy Collins - last year

Cole is in Riverdale and Dylan is going to be in Dismissed.

zfilmmaker - last year

None of these former actors ‘chose’ other careers.

Dr. Adib - a few months ago

miss you kevin

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