10 Creepiest Dating Websites

10 Creepiest Dating Websites

10 Creepiest Dating Websites

Here are 10 creepy dating websites that actually exist.

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10 Creepiest Dating Websites

Robert Jett - last year

See this is exactly why the My gray will never fucking visit us!!!

Rainbow Dash - last year


Puppy - last year

U took a furry youtuber who doesnt promote furry sex at all and putted him out of context just because u think he's weird.
Really shitty move dickbutt

Lirai Fox - last year

First photo at 2:26 is Audrey from Huniepop lol just wanted to point it out as I didn't see any comment about it maybe because there are just triggered af people

Nikki Manson Dragonfox - last year

I just want to say that the furry fandom isn't all sexul deviants. Only about 13% of the fandom uses it for sexual reasons. The rest of us are NOT like that. Just sayin

ian hayes - last year

Umm how the fuck did i get here i was watching after prison show and now im here wtf has happend

Isaac Thenatural - last year

Horny af!!!

sharishaBIGBROWNEYES mccoy - last year

truly FUCKED up world we live in! 😈

flareontoast - last year

Yes offense but I'd much rather sew my own fursuit (I can't even sew.) than ever having to see am adult wear diapers in any sexual context. "Baby-parent roleplay" during sex, have y'all ever thought how creepy this is ok

AgogPlayz - last year

It makes me sad how furrys like me get so hated. I admit there is a much much smaller community that do take part in THAT but most of it is a nice fun family of animals.

Saturnus SuperThunderBolt2 - last year

There's nothing creepy about Furry Mate! It's just a dating site for furries! My god, you anti-furry scumbags are all the same. I'll be sure never to watch you again.
Also as a furry, I do not have sex in animal costumes. I'm just an animator.

Praisy Peacemaker - last year

Arla Dickerson, I am looking for you. Where are you?

Roger Eisnaugle - last year

Number 1 is very appropriate. Nothing says I'm really not into you like Yes, but I think the new stripe clouds are so pretty.

gorepuppy - last year

Dating websites are creepy by nature, the fetishes not so much. You do not get to pick your poison as far as fetish, and I would say most folks have one, but you do choose to go to a dating page.

William A - last year

if dead people cant use computers, whyd they make a website? also, as someone who has bi-polar.. 'no longer lonely' is sad and dangerous :p

slagpharter - last year

Wiccans are nut jobs. They could just join Nut Job Dating.

NPC #1337 - last year

Pretty sure the furry site and mentally ill site are the same people lol

BlazRa - last year

sacrifices work wonders tho so do cops so pick a beast not a human HAIL SATAN

Jojo Wolf - last year

Maybe you should talk to furries before you educate other x3

You described Musuiters, which is a minority in the furry community that the majority don't approve of.

Tracey Marie Ann Mannen - last year

Disgusting grown up babies
Fk really

What The F Blog - last year

I can't believe the ignorance in this video. Very judgemental but to say mentally Ill shouldn't date is too far a-hole. As long as they take their meds and see their docs there's NO reason they shouldn't date!
Please…before you post another video….PLEASE…educate your ignorant ass because I'm being generous calling you ignorant. You may be just down right STUPID. but you can fix that be researching the topics and LEARNING things.

Chris White - last year

WOW..! I've done heard & seen it all now..!!

Raymond Stemmer - last year

I tried the date a "baby boy site" and got me a baby boy. He started to cry I beat the crap out of him I said you're 25 what the hell are you crying about. He said "he pooped his pants" I beat him some more. He said what about sex. I said when you grow up and mature I'll let you date a nice girl. He said Daddy Daddy I said "don't give me that Daddy crap and beat him again !" Hie said "I'm all black and blue !" I said "I never had a son but I'm going to get you right, boy !". He said "what about play, it's a dating site !" I said "you're a grown man you're going to get a job you son of a bitch !" After a couple of years he could read and write good he said "he didn't want to date girls he wanted to date boys !" I said "that sad son, will have to get you a sex change ! He said "he's going to run away" I said "not before the sex change or you start dating nice girls!" He'd been happily married for 10 years now !!!! I have two nice grandkids. PS this is all bull shit!

Nailah Washington - last year

Love heals mental illness.

bigboyusa3 - last year

is this stuff good or bad ?

Peps Haven - last year

Umm……just disturbing.

Rain Navarro - last year

no comments

LinuxWill Rise - last year

dating site for the mentally ill probably not a bad idea who better understand your affliction then somebody affected by it

Lex Luther - 11 months ago

to show how sick the world you are living in…in plain site

Alan Corns - 11 months ago


your friendly neighbour - 11 months ago

OMG f*** you furrys are people it's not a kink or anything sexual it's gust a love for animals with human like abilities
>:( I'm unsubscribing

Mysterious Phantom - 10 months ago

Add pof to the list.

Gage Massey - 9 months ago

5:37 You're not a psycho if you just have OCD, though.

The Jasmine Channel - 8 months ago

Witches and people who follow Wicca are portrayed in such a bad way by the general public that they deserve their own dating site when other people won’t accept them

c h i l l - 7 months ago

I can hear the triggered furries typing…

Melissa Leblanc - 7 months ago

These dating sites should be taken down those people should be arrested

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