10 Dumbest Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money

10 Dumbest Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money

10 Dumbest Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money

Here are 10 crazy and dumb purchases the government made using taxpayers money.

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10 Dumbest Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money

Sky Avenger - last year

This video is purposely dragging it to 10 min just to make money off ads…..

Daddy Please - last year

Also elephants are endangered

xxSinEater - last year

govt takes 38% of a businesses cash.. tell me how its fair for someone (Govt) who never helped a person build their business, advertise it or come up with the businesses idea to take their money? Lower tax in business is good. businesses also include ma and pop shops who now have trouble staying a float or hiring folks or paying well because the shitty govt takes their money, despite not even helping them, and also requires health insurance to be offered putting more cost on businesses. The govt can go to hell! Also, those fucks tax my TIPS! the reason why taxes SHOULD be lowered (for everyone) bust mostly rich and middle class, is because the rich and middle class are the ones who are going to have the capital and credit to create a business and employ people. Take away the rich and middle class, or raising taxes, causes less businesses and hurts the poor.

NaturalMelody - last year

550 million?? wtf!

Adam Adam - last year

Adds 40 seconds of nothing for more ad revenue

Shobhit Gosain - last year

10 Dumbest American Government Purchases With Taxpayers Money

Chad Polenz - last year

and these are the idiots you morons want running your healthcare?

TJ Lime - last year

It's the US, what a suprise…

joegxz - last year

Some dumb cunts in America

GarlicBreadMastah - last year

wait… why do taxes exist? why do we pay taxes to the government when the government can print money?

Artur Beitlers - last year

Waiting for ten minutes

Osvaldo Monroy - last year

Trump promised to end all this- let see what that white boy does

Fugazity - last year

Painters need to eat too you know… besides a oil painting is much more durable through time than any photographic paper that exist today.

Firstone2kill's Gaming Channel - last year

where muh tax dollars?

TanakinSkywalker - last year

A huge elephant can take a blast really well I'd imagine

Zunar Zulfiqar - last year

As we all know, Trump is working hard to top this list. The question is, what would it be next.

Thijs Daenen - last year

Don't forget other countries. For example the dutch Fyra high speed train project. Please make a video on those topics too.

ANZZL - last year

Guys I'm just tryna buy my uncle's 2001 330i bmw. Can you help me. Out of the kindness of your heart?😔any amount helps, even $1, you have that right? its a $2500 goal🙏🏼

mohamed ahmed - last year

what happen top trending

TheRebelliousOutlaw - last year

This is why I don't pay taxes

FLuiD xd - last year

And then they say we can't afford free college or better social nets

RobotBros2 - last year

whats the music name??
please dont say darude sandstorm

FurryEskimo - last year

In my opinion, a lot of officials should be paying for this with their own money. Unless it helps more than an official's ego, tax payers shouldn't be paying for it.

Will Holt - last year

I feel extremely sorry for you all even though the British government is in a pretty shit place right now.

Karla Kirkpatrick - last year


JK Wright Commander - last year

paying 60 Billion to Russia what the fuck and they been calling trump a Russian agent what the fuck was Obama doing these past eight years

Warren Gruber - last year

10:01 Applause

Alexander Rüffer - last year

10 black Money: buy 100 toaster for 3000 $ and tweak the bill to 30000 $, now you have 27000 bucks for stuff no one should know about
8 rats are way more effective and cheaper

roger smith - last year

What's the name of the background music?

Simon Labrie - last year

The 60 millions for the security of Russian nuclear weapons may not be optimal, but if the alternative is Russia losing track of some of its nukes, 60 millions might just be a good deal. (Disclaimer: I'm not American, but still…)

C00ki3M0nst3r 3ATS - last year

wow 30 second outro so it can get over 10 minutes, nice job

Edam Cena - last year

man¡ what's the narrators name?

SR Lucki - last year

Keeping marijuana illegal in every state besides cali

SR Lucki - last year

The war on drugs

Tyrant Jesus - last year

"Tradition will beat out common sense everytime" – Top Trending 2017
This quote is quite true

MovieGurus - last year

Ignorance is bliss.

Fresh Vader - last year

taxation is theft

Neil Price - last year

I think the thing about paying Russia for security for their Nuclear Weapons is due to there being a historic "trend" in their military for soldiers not to get paid for long stretches of time. It's a HUGE country with an equally HUGE military so things on the edges sometimes gets "forgotten". The Soldiers then try to steal stuff to sell on the Black Market, sometimes for greed and sometimes just so they could eat once that month. It would be a catastrophe if some deserting soldiers were to get their hands on a Nuke to sell to either a "rogue state" or to some terrorists. Then again it could what we call in the UK "Jobs for the boys". Which is basically people in power get their friends cushy jobs, doing very little for a very big pay packet.

Nathaniel Flynn - last year

Here is the only reason I can think to justify the high government spending. When the economy is going into a recession government spending in theory should increase while taxes and borrowing interest rates should decrease.

Archie Hem - last year

#11 trumps wall

Some Doggo - last year

Its been more than a week thus channel has 3 mil subs but only has 74 thousand views? wtf

Tom Brown - last year

You don't know all the purchases you idiots

Bharath Bodepudi - last year

In India, we don't even have the right to question regarding the usage of income tax, and is way beyond used for corruption god damn!!

Oliver Chapman - last year

ticket intense civic zisanw helicopter championship phase wildlife.

Mr9Guns - last year

Um I think there is a reason the US doesn't want Russian nukes falling into someone else's hands.

Freedom 1 - last year

Elephants for bomb sniffing bombs? Everyone knows mice are better at it……

Kris The Degenerate - last year

Think of all the Nigerian children you could have saved!

BromanderInChief - 10 months ago

rAiSiNg TaXeS aRe GoOd AcTuAlLy

medyobadboy - 9 months ago

philippine government (2010-2016) bought trains, good for our country but the dumbest part is the train's wheel are not fit in tracks. good thing the president on that administration bought that in his last year I remembered. Oh I forgot, that administration bought a dengue vaccine that is unfinished vaccine (even the creator said that the vaccine is under developed) that caused deaths of children (under investigation but the common deaths of children without unknown disease are children who vaccinated). Welcome to the Philippines!

Robbie Patrick - 6 months ago

Extremely high Army Commander: Guys! Guys! what if.. instead of bomb dogs? we have bomb elephants?! cause.. you know they have big noses or something.
Tax payer: Fucking! GENIUS!!!

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