10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations

10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations

10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations

Here are 10 people who took plastic surgery to the extreme.

9 People Who Took Plastic Surgery Way Too Far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dwAqNStM3Q
10 Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njVzJT74cT4
10 Surgeries Gone Horribly Wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a2j9YSlVys

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10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations

Dust Fluffy - a couple of years ago

36k? the 36 is a chest size, and that woman.. is not a 36 inch chest..

Oof - a couple of years ago

Imagine coming across one of these "human" beings in night…

Marietha Strong - a couple of years ago

wow…sometimes it feels like this channal has it all

Owen Hodson - a couple of years ago


Therickestrickofthericks. Bro! - a couple of years ago

" the creepiness however does not end there " 😆

Tihai Naaana - a couple of years ago

#9…. i wonder how does she will be look like if he is pregnant

Jacob Bailey - a couple of years ago

Number 6 is a freak

Jacob Bailey - a couple of years ago

Ok the Asian girl doesn't look that bad.

Jacob Bailey - a couple of years ago

Valerie actually doesn't look bad.

Savannah Cook - a couple of years ago

Maria scares me

Rachel S - a couple of years ago

I'm ugly with no boobs or ass… where can I get the money for this?

Slushy Doll - a couple of years ago

they all looo ugly…just stop changing your self and more!

Koiden - a couple of years ago

1:09 nice sausages you gay bitch

Manoj Bisht - last year

WTF …i hate Indian to invent plastic surgery that made the world look like deformed …:(

FireKitty - last year

Number six: I bet her kids have nightmares, ABOUT THEIR MOTHER

Ruttokello - last year

Fucking ugly bitches eww wtf is wrong with them holy shit i want to puke

Eleena Frost - last year

Valeria and Superman are what they all wanted to achieve.

Ruby waters - last year

8:41 … uhmmm I'm kinda scared now 😳

Amanda - last year

i used to love valeria lukyanova as a kid lol

Hesa Alhussaini - last year

i cant stop thinking about the pain

G.Peacharts - last year

Listen to me girls, I am a bi girl and I speak for many people who are attracted to women ,I just want to say that from A to D boobs are boobs. Yes, many guys like them big and others small but in my opinion there is no need to put your body in danger just for others to like you, first you need to love your self as corny as this sounds .
Well, except if you already are okay with how you look but you absolutely hate the way your boobs look. You can make them "normal" sized or if they are too big for you there is surgery for their reduction . I personally don't like fake boobs but if you are going to go through it ,do it for you and nobody else .
All this goes with any kind of surgery and any decision tbh.
Have a nice day .

Shazmin Shazz - last year

The government should stop this plastic surgery. It's not beauty but killing one self people just look for money leaving other's ugly.😔😔

Alyssa Ropp - last year

Potatoes turn to French fries , it's common sense

Miranda Hampton - last year

I'm getting a emo plastic surgery

Quacktasticfilms 301 - last year

Thumbnail made me think wow she went from pretty to ugly

amziez 12 - last year

I don't like it.

I don't like it at all.

Radj Naresh - last year

they all look UGLY…..

Imtiaz Ali - last year

Allah is the best creator

Gin Argent - last year

You know what? The Superman guy is doing good things for kids, and that’s all that matters.

Theresa Malim - last year

Crazy not contented in real

D L smith - last year

Dreadful music

Edurne Scott - last year

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Popee - last year

These people are totally insane.

Fania Phillips - last year

I have been trying to find a safe organic product to boost my breast. I utilized this particular breast enhancement procedure “good vamvam site” (Google it), for about few months. I noticed outcomes with 2 jars. My partner observed a fullness in my bust and he`s satisfied and so am I.

Obscured Enigma - last year

are you kidding me !??? number 8 . she looked so hot before !!! and who ever said she is tempting men by being too sexy !? she looks like a dumb ass ditsy idiot now. she could've had a better career if not the same as now with her before beauty. she was sooo hot and cute .. why would she do that to her self !?

Obscured Enigma - last year


Chris Belluzzi - last year

I just want to know where these people get all that money to do these procedures! lol

Rose Rose - last year


Shania Commock - last year

These people spend so much money on surgeries, I'm here broke as hell😖

Piss Miggy - 11 months ago

ORLAN is a wanker. How pretentious using plastic surgery as an art form. She looks like an alien.

SAAALT Productions - 10 months ago

That’s not sexy, that’s lowkey nasty😭

Krithika Naidu - 9 months ago


Regnbue Donut! - 8 months ago

Omg. If people are fat, why dont they just go to Fitness center?😒😒😒

Hairy Henry - 7 months ago


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