10 Highest Paid DEAD People

10 Highest Paid DEAD People

10 Highest Paid DEAD People

Here are the top 10 highest earning dead celebrities in the world.

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10 Highest Paid DEAD People

Lxmako ! - last year


Lord Senior - last year

Legends like 2pac and James Dean still worth a lot and making a lot specially James the film Giant trademark poses and photos, his red jacket but overall his image !!!

fabio jr1 - last year

Hi just subscribed

XpertGiraffe - last year

Why isn't Tupac in this?

Omari Walker - last year

It would be more respectful to say "no longer with us"

Mac G - last year

That's why they killed M.J. So they can put some of that $$$ in their pockets!!!

I'm Palossand - last year

We’re witnessing the death of a channel

Scarlet Piper - last year

Could have said deceased instead of dead people

Samara Weaving - last year

Should have titled it

"Top 10 Crazies"

1⃣ Incredible Things TV #⃣ - last year

Very enjoyable, thank you again as presented!

Victoria. - last year

Your thumbnail raped me

Chthonian121 - last year

kid asks his mom, "mom, why do the best ones die first?"
mom replied, "honey, when you pick flowers, you always choose the best flowers first right?"

Behzey - last year

MJ … i love and miss you man…

TRULYBLESS2060 - last year

Just added a video on my page

TRULYBLESS2060 - last year

Need subscribers just 100 more thanks

PurpleRose78 - last year

I'm surprised that Marilyn Monroe didn't make this list!

Big Tasty - last year

1. XXXTentacion

mr crow - last year

Everyone gonna die wether you are rich or poor. Is a matter of time. Rip to all that have pass away to another world.

celestialmalec - last year

Where does the money go? Relatives?

Kenny Robinson - last year

You would think these people would've had narcan on hand. Smh

Robert J. Williamson - last year

I'm surprised John Lennon doesn't make more but this is probably because The Beatles got a terrible record deal compared to later artists and even bad for the time. They didn't get to keep their own publishing rights and Michael Jackson actually bought a lot of them.

hobosdominecraft1 - last year


blackshadow33 517 - last year

So basically he sole black people music im talking about Elvis presley

Matthew Martinez - last year

12:11 is an impersonator not MJ

Eddie Adams - last year

What about Walt Disney

Daey Poze - last year

You left out jean-michel Basquiat,he made $110 mil in 2017

Im_That_Monk - last year

R.i.p to you all xx. <3 mj

Im_That_Monk - last year

Should rename the video Top 10 high payed people who have passed away. Your titles is abit extreme

LodiTX - last year

You ignoramous! The Dakota is an exclusive, expensive, historic apartment building where the units are purchased for millions, NOT a hotel.

LodiTX - last year

Wow! Arnold Palmer surprised me.

LodiTX - last year

Wow again!! Pix of Michael Jackson with a nose!!!

Nabeel Nughaimesh - last year

2:27 epiclloyd

Adde Ahlström - 11 months ago

what about Avicii?

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