10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

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Here are 10 random acts of kindness caught on video.

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10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

Zara Dorrian - last month

Today's my birthday

ion whooked - last month

cant restore faith in humanity
we are too fucked but still good souls

ion whooked - last month

anyone else jump on the train because the gap is terrifying

Godzilla 209 - last month

When I grow up I’m going to help Homless people and give them food and money

Mindful Art - last month

That freaking school's dress code like bruh -_-
Anyways beautiful video. Loved it. 😍

Acid Demon - last month

This is so Heart warming! ☺

Cézanne - last month


Pastel Ribon - last month

That tie was too long tho'.. JK.

ShadowCat3292 - last month

This made me wanna cry. Especially about that special needs child and the football team helped him. My old basketball team did that to me as well because of my condition. When passing me the ball everybody just stopped and said "let him shoot". That was such compassion and understanding of my cerebral palsy. Thats love man.

ShadowCat3292 - last month

"After receiving some warm clothes he went to sleep". Like man thats beautiful.

Anniloves21 - last month

The prayer circle is beautiful!

Blyzeron GO - last month

This is all nice, but car seriously, 06:0007:00 that is train not car.

Dylan Kellett - last month

I don’t need it please give to homeless people

alyvia lore - last month

if wish that every person on earth could at least have a home,food, and warmth. Bless u all

Nic Soderman - last month

I'm not crying, YOU are crying!!!

Taco Bell and Netflix M - last month

i’m not crying you are

B Valenz - last month

Someone chopping onions again…….

Mr Choo - last month

The kid helping the old lady get to car… good job

Mr Choo - last month

So, in order to get out of school, all I had to do was shave my head? That lil' Chick rocks!

Hunter Jones - last month

This is what the world should be all about.

j-seph park - last month


Emerieos - last month


EMPRESS ROHYAL - last month

Now that's making America great again……💕

John Doe - last month

It's nice to see that some people are nice regardless of the color of the skin, cultural background, etc. and that not everyboy is an asshole trying to separate humans

lorrane - last month

I applaud all these compassionate people. May we all recognise opportunities to help another brother.

Mae - last month

I always like to think that my life is great, I have a job, a roof, a family, my cat. But not everyone is lucky. Some can’t help it. Some struggle. You don’t know their life and if you see someone having a bad day do what you can to make them smile. Even if it’s just for a moment. That 1 moment can make their day better.
Sometimes I like to buy food for the homeless if I have no cash. Now that it’s winter I have socks, hats and a couple bills in my car if I come across someone who needs it. You see an old person, pregnant, mom/dad with kids do something. I like to take their carts back to the store when their done even if I’m not going there. Small gestures can go a long way.

Shayden Magnus - last month

8:14 if you watch a show on Netflix called Alexa and Katie, it is the same story!

kit Kat kocher - last month

This vido is so awesome i love how every one cares about each other

Off brand Gucci Lover - last month

Why do people dislike this?

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