10 INCREDIBLE Facts About The Megalodon Shark

10 INCREDIBLE Facts About The Megalodon Shark

10 INCREDIBLE Facts About The Megalodon Shark

Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about the biggest shark to ever live, the Megalodon Shark!

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10 INCREDIBLE Facts About The Megalodon Shark

josh chisholm - 8 months ago


Serevarno - 8 months ago

Whoever chose the underlying audio track is an asshole. Why would you choose something that grating for 10 straight minutes?

Anton Andales - 8 months ago

Myrtle Beach is sadly in South Carolina.

Big Steve - 8 months ago

10 minute ad revenue wanker

Bz B - 8 months ago

@toptrending do the kraken next!

Kevin Roy Nucum - 8 months ago

Sorry, boring facts.

Lon Hixson - 8 months ago

Megalodon could grow up to 78 feet long and had to eat 2,500 lbs. of food per day to survive.

Kevin Stands - 8 months ago

i don’t think it’s extinct

Bleagle - 8 months ago

This is why i hate the ocean

stdfreesteve - 8 months ago

The only thing ever found were large teeth. No bones or fossils. Funny how you know so much about them from literally nothing

Iakitlang Kharbuli - 8 months ago

please help me get 2k subs with no videos

Agustin Ortiz - 8 months ago

Yo voice gave me cancer

Paul Smego - 8 months ago

I believe it’s still out there it’s possible for it to still be alive 95% of the ocean hasn’t been discovered yet and take in the fact that most of it is the deepest parts of the ocean the Meg could have adapted to survive through the ice age and everyday sharks are evolving just like the Great White Shark that was found in a fresh water river there is still a lot left to figure out and understand about these fascinating creatures scientists have been proven to look stupid before like them saying the Frilled shark, The Goblin Shark, and the Giant Squid were thought to be extinct but then were proven to be wrong science can’t explain everything science can be wrong the Meg could have adapted its eating habits and change its choice in environment we still don’t know everything about sharks and Meg its probably shadowing its self in the deepest parts of the ocean making its self undetectable not to mention the Great White Shark that got tagged and went almost 3,000 feet deep but got swallowed whole by something twice its size and the heat signature is thought to be from something 50 to 60 feet long predator and the tracker was found washed up on shore it was not a 16 feet Great White Ik that much like I said it’s still out there and is waiting to be found

Maestro Jack Slappy - 8 months ago

Meg sure was a snarky sharky!

Vtr Gott - 8 months ago

Feet… pounds… shit…

SWEET R3MIX - 8 months ago

This mans voice is fucking god. Who is this man?

Declan Fitch - 8 months ago

I don't get if it was such an apex predator, why did they go extinct? We're they in the dinosaur age and also die when the meteor hit?

Jordanis Chavez - 8 months ago

Its fricking 50-70 feet

Radley stikbot,etc. - 7 months ago

The thumbnail image looks scary,look at the megolodon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Man - 7 months ago

My name is Don, Mega Lo Don

James Surber - 7 months ago

10 minutes shot to heck.

II Makaidos II - 7 months ago

Wait… 1666? Like…. 666??????

jesse silva - 7 months ago


jesse silva - 7 months ago

we where going to go to the beach but nvm i'm afraid of sharks not a afraid TERRIFIED!!!

Alan Bleakley - 7 months ago

Sorry to break it to you guys, but Megalodon became extinct 2 million years ago…but don't fret, there are still alot of crazy animals to get killed by!

Manish Choubey - 7 months ago

Please you hindi speak

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