10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist

10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist

10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist

Here are 10 of the most dynamic and intelligent robots ever built.

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10 Incredible Robots That Actually Exist

Evan Okeefe - 11 months ago

So atlas is about a thousand times better that asimo in every way. Can asimo do a fucking backflip? No, asimo cant even walk down stairs. Lol

Crazyletsplays boi - 11 months ago

Besides number 1 everything else scares me

Edward Piner - 11 months ago

Okay we're entering the era of The Jetsons now

Ryan Lu - 11 months ago

Asimo reminds me of August from Wonder

Fatimah Abdul Talib - 11 months ago

stop bullying atlas

Clash Royal Player - 11 months ago

So I can't be a chef in a restaurant

INT ICE - 11 months ago

Robots are demons

Raphael Burnett - 11 months ago

bina48 is the future oprah winfrey

ratawang uwu - 11 months ago

Where's Mark Zuckerburg?

Lol Leo - 11 months ago

these robots will screw us over one day, or not.

Robert Mendez - 11 months ago

The first one was crap!

areamusicale - 11 months ago

Building a robotic arm with fingers like a human hand is something as stupid as making vegan food that tastes like meat: only idiots would consider it a good idea.

Marjan Dobersek - 11 months ago

that is a lie.someone control this shit over internet

Sparrow Hawk - 11 months ago

that robot looks drunk.. ha hah ha

Sparrow Hawk - 11 months ago

once they make a robot that can wipe my ass then whats the use of doing anything?

Indika Kuruppu - 11 months ago

Correction: @13:19 the distance to Mars is not 560 million KM… it should be 54.6 million KM closest to Earth and 401 million KM furthest.

learnrobot dotcom - 11 months ago

Those are cool~

4dvideos - 11 months ago

Install strong robot arms with knives in the kitchen with WiFi access, what could go wrong?

Mr Anderson - 11 months ago

Your add sucks. Mexicans are not the victims ahole.

T baz - 11 months ago

The Robot Chef should come standard in new home purchases. Would make it easier and cheaper to finance the whole thing into one mortgage payment instead of having to buy the Robot Chef separately and having to install it later.

Road to Zion - 11 months ago


Canadian kid - 11 months ago

I want one to fly and F 22 at its Maximum power …..🤖

Seth Sacks - 11 months ago

We only need people if we want drama. Who want's drama?

Adrian Hill - 11 months ago

Your top 10 are CRAP

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