10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos

10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos

10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos

Here are 10 crazy tricks advertisers use to manipulate photos

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10 Mind Blowing Tricks Advertisers Use to Manipulate Photos

LucasSpam PkFire - last year

The thumbnail I believe is a scene from Good Burger, when they see their competition, Mondo Burger, putting this weird chemical in their burgers to make them bigger.

Kathy Sanders - last year

Wow!!! Interesting, smart and clever. I will look at food commercials differently now.

Jungkookie Oppa - last year

4:11 so what about the adverts with people actually eating the products?

Tiger Lil - last year

Last one isn’t even butter 😂

ALPHA IC1 - last year

The narrators voice isn't actually that of a man it's in fact a 2 year old girl with a voice manipulation device who was trained to say words they knew never existed

Jay Raphael Jiao Inot - last year

what a waste of food

clyde sketch - last year

If you are a chef all those thing's can be done tricks of the trade and and look and taste good like and ivy league model chick that has personality and looks and cooks and cleans and reads comics and play video and reads books for stimulicular fun they exist but are hard to find

JaeDaRealest - last year


Trina Harris - last year

So disgusting….motor oil, shaving cream, wax, freaking cardboard. What the F**k!!!!!!!

J Jay - last year

And this is why I drink Elmer's milk, lick a cone of mash potatoes, and have whipped cream cappuccino, thank you for my eating disorder AD people.😣

Maria Clark - last year

All that wasted food…

An American Patriot - last year

No longer will I be mad my food doesn't look like the photo.

Kimberley Moore - last year


Kelsey B - last year

This just made me hungry 😩

Qhudsia Fatima - last year

That’s utterly disgusting…but thanks for sharing

Monica Victor TVF Victo - last year


TiMiqua Lebron - last year

Cooking turkeys or chickens are not difficult😪😪😪

Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting - last year

No surprise here. If someone is advertising a product that looks or seems THAT different in real life then you should probably think to yourself "something is off here" don't you think? Buyer beware – things are not what they seem.

Major Bjork - last year

Anyone else notice the face in the sauce at 5:43??

Jordan Choo - last year

Can you make a video about CLICKBAITS

Otaku Aizen - last year

It feels like my whole life was a lie!😭😭😭😭😭

Mo - last year


OwlNightMoon - last year

It's so sadly and stupid. They could take photo for real cooking, not fake or trash.

Summer Knight - last year

False Advertising. McDonalds disappoints me every time.

wax shidan - last year

life is lie😂😂

Theresa F - last year

Potato for ice cream. Brilliant trick. I would never have known.
Totally guessed the glue for milk though.

David Wright - last year

Mind blowing??? We learnt this in the 80s!

Nick Nack - last year

You left out that juicy-looking burgers are sprayed with KY jelly to make it look like water droplets that don't evaporate as fast.

Mareeya Chang - last year

Means that i am wasting my time learning to cook better.. i already am a good cook 👌🏻

nvd2ceb4 - last year

And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason why you hardly see actors eat food on camera.

MoreMe LessYou - last year

This makes sense! However, this is a lot of wasted food!

Kim Yuri - last year

From now on I will never feel hungry when I see publicity food anymore !

Ariel Johnson - last year

Wow now that Ive been lied to all this time I'm going back to the realest artist.. Lil Sly

Fr Louie Goad - last year

We live in a word of lies and deceptions.

Lily Clarke - last year


Yourdutch Media Productions - last year

what a useless white 'speckles' overlay in your upload.

Ofentse Moraka - last year

🤣😁😁😂 Mash potatoes?!, Glue!

chamika Hettiarachchi - last year

We live on a fake world 🗺

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