10 Most Anticipated Movies That Sucked

10 Most Anticipated Movies That Sucked

10 Most Anticipated Movies That Sucked

Here are 10 highly anticipated movies that actually sucked.

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10 Most Anticipated Movies That Actually Sucked

Top Trending - a couple of years ago

What's your favorite movie?

ThisisPow - a couple of years ago

Who as usual,spends most of the time looking confused.

Vinayak Pande - a couple of years ago

Star Wars fans. Biggest suckers on planet Earth.

Yousef Al Mansour - a couple of years ago

Is nem voicing this?

FadedWorld - a couple of years ago

Ghost Rider and the spirit of Vengeance, and Resident Evil movies, enough said

Rated R - a couple of years ago

i appreciate the sacrifice you made

Dicktator Z - a couple of years ago

Top Trending i agree on all the worst movies and also Foodfight

Beastly 123 - a couple of years ago

Why isn't Batman vs. Superman on this list?

Nick Rff - a couple of years ago

the green lantern DID NOT suck

peachgirl Bem - a couple of years ago

Pray Guardians of The Galaxy 2 will be good!

ScarHydreigon87 - a couple of years ago

With The Last Airbender, if you try to cram a whole season into 1 movie, it's gonna be bad. Really sad because I loved watching Avatar as a kid and I legit wanted to see that movie when I saw the teaser so many years ago.

Shermanator - a couple of years ago

power rangers should be on this list

Alfredrick Kong Hun - a couple of years ago

Saying the script of the Phantom Menace was bad is an understatement.

SSJRhandy - a couple of years ago

amazing spiderman 2 should be on this list im a big spidey fan i love the trilogy even 3 but when i heard amazing spiderman 2 came out i was hyped for it but after seeing how mediocre it was and that abominable cliffhanger ending we got i hated it

Milan Dičér - last year

i dont know…..i like a lot of those films and i dont think that they are that bed….but for example hunger games 2 3 is not there

Javier Ramirez - last year

the good dinasour made me cry and im 17 fuck outta here saying it sucked

Riutanharju - last year

007 Die Another Day, IJ Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Baywatch…

king pin 146 - last year

I pretend that all the bad movies through out history never existed.

Chef Dean - last year

How is Phantom Menace worse than Attack of the Clones ? ?

ElBlueGamer - last year

I Liked Charlie And Chocolate Factory 😅

Verk Music - last year

Worst is green lantern.. in the end it only took 1 punch then the end .. lol fcking sucker

itz.YaBoiJay - last year

Hell naw nem said good burger was bad

Mr Mica - 10 months ago

How could you saw Cars 2 was bad? It even made more than the original (which is the worst Cars film)/ Cars 2 and 3 are far better than the first. Plus The Last Airbender was a great movie. People always rip on the visual effects for some reason but hello, normal people can't air bend or fire bend or water bend, you need CGI and the CGI was great.

jermaine dumashie - 10 months ago

is this nemraps ?


Hey it’s nemraps

Jack Haffely - 9 months ago

Baywatch has to be on the list

Sticky Ice - 9 months ago

It’s Nemraps speaking!

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