10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

Here are the 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world that only the richest could afford.

10 Most Expensive Homes Of NBA Players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgxWuoo8lt8
10 Most Expensive Things In The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-dQdSXnhAY
10 Most Luxurious PRISONS In The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fac-ZFmqLj0

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10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

Helena Lopez - last year

This costs more than my house!

Bollywood Media - last year

You know that list of places you know you'll never get to visit?
1. North Korea
2. The Moon
3. These Hotels

Patel Vidhu - 11 months ago

Even if i become rich will not spend so much money for one night stay.

J Lasky - 11 months ago

80,000/dollars a night.  Disgusting(not jealousy) that any American politician would stay there.  Guaranteed that expense did NOT come our of his own pocket.

Badr - Fortnite and more - 11 months ago


synchronicity676 - 11 months ago

#4.. shldnt u mention which City in India? !! it's in Jaipur… don't give us third world treatment by ignoring that fact!

Young BOI - 11 months ago

Bruh… who actually go to this hotel's…idek why am watching this vid….yooo..who ever pays this much for a night …..they must be crazy…

Kingboblarsson08 !! - 11 months ago


ART VENOM 79 - 11 months ago

What's the name of that song that beat is nasty.

Grouch xx - 11 months ago

24 grand? ssssssssuuuureeeeee

Gemini_Scorpio18 - 11 months ago

Non of them really interested me. Maybe the Vegas one

Skullster - 11 months ago

In 7# I thought he's gonna say Villa Auditore, lol (AC fans'll get it)

Lana Bou matar - 11 months ago

I stayed in the Rome hotel for 1 month

Silent Swords - 11 months ago


Sisa Miraw - 11 months ago

Well, 60% people in the world are not that too rich!

Aryan Bhan - 11 months ago

For the people who like to just skip to 1st place its at 11:03

Aryan Bhan - 11 months ago

With 80,000$ you pay for a night stay at a hotel when you could pay a year rent for a House!!

Aryan Bhan - 11 months ago

Find the difference:


dat gramar tho

itchynights - 11 months ago

i usually just couchsurf and it's pretty good.

All about Raven's World - 11 months ago

It's click bait the underwater hotel wasn't even listed.

Alok SINGH - 11 months ago


Alok SINGH - 11 months ago


Robin Dao Retired - 11 months ago

I prefer the first one cuz the spinning bed

businessnik - 11 months ago

I liked a couple of those. Let me check my couch for some change now.

JustAgreekPassing - 11 months ago

I can imagine the parties in these places to go something like this
9 p.m: Guests arrive
10 p.m: Some sort of speech from the host as an excuse to get applause for renting out such a place
12 a.m: the strict and more mature people have left and most guests are getting pretty drunk
3 a.m Random guests leave with only exclusive rich entrepreneurs left
4: a.m: The lights dim, the exclusives start wearing masks and robes. Some go off for orgies and the rest sacrifice a young kid for long and prosperous fortune
At least that's how I envision the life of the wealthy

Hotels Near Me - 11 months ago

yes, It is very expensive.

Loylo Chicken - 11 months ago

Where’s Komomo Island? It costs 50,000 per night.

cristiano aragantaldo - 11 months ago


RoaringLion - 11 months ago

12:14 ONLY 80 THOUSAND PERRR night

Chandan Singh - 11 months ago

viewer chandan kumar Singh village-bhojpur city-deoghar jharkhand India📟📟📟📟📟📟📟📟📟📟💾💾💽📷📹📺📺⌨💻🎥🔌📲📲📱☎📞📠🔋📀💿💾📼📹💾💾📷💽💾💾📹📷📷💾💾💾

Vlad B - 11 months ago

Omg, both USA hotels are just pathetic… what a shame. Even bed was not done properly on a photo. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lowest quality most expensive stuff – made in USA.

Ayan Khanna - 11 months ago

Not to brag, but all of the hotels I stay average $150 a night
Take that Bill Gates.

davidice33 - 11 months ago

whats the background music???

MARIAM BARKATH - 11 months ago

I think this is not rooms, this might be Owners room ,,,, so they are giving his room on rent.

MNR - 11 months ago

9:15 – Didnt know Ivan Vanko designed hotels?

Gigflakes Dog - 11 months ago

I might take a trip to Dubai

Imani Alleyne - 11 months ago

Pillow menu??

Maria - 11 months ago

The Arabs have no class at all, I must say. Those awful colours… They may have money but they sure have really naff taste. You can buy lots of things with money but you can't buy class and style.

Umair Gamer - 11 months ago

i live in dubai

VïćTØrīÅ :3 - 11 months ago

I love to look at places I’ll never be able to afford…

BOBI FROMYT - 11 months ago

If I'm has a billion dollar in my bank.i wouldn't spend that much money for that hotel because I don't have any friends

Olivia Is awesome!!!! - 11 months ago

All of theses hotels are bigger than my house

JREVY22 - 10 months ago

Now do 10 worst motels

o0neill - 10 months ago

what about the underwater room? click bait bullshit

Satyaki Dey - 10 months ago

Honestly the maharajah palace was the only sophisticated looking one to me

JohnAnderssonTV - 10 months ago

Watching this like I could ever afford it

mike oehlke - 10 months ago

And when I went to holaday in I thought that was nice and its 30 a night wow mom start saving up to go to Las Vegas

Christian Farrell - 10 months ago

Wrong the space hotel cost more

Lefika ushe - 10 months ago

wheres the Burj Khalifa

Jessica Nasya - 10 months ago


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