10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Jeff Bezos

10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Jeff Bezos

10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Jeff Bezos

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Here are the 10 most expensive and coolest things Jeff Bezos has spent his money on.

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10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Bill Gates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Yxhtl793c

10 Most Expensive Things Owned By Jeff Bezos

Christian Stone - 11 months ago

Imagine if he raised everything he sells by $1. He would be so much richer. Buy apple and sell every product for $1 more.

WX Emily - 11 months ago

I have to admit that the total wealth me and bill gates’ are less than Jeff’s

Mickey Kindley - 11 months ago

Fuck him start addressing some social problem he is disgusting

Betty Tureaud - 11 months ago

omg what a crappy video many of the underlaying photos are wrong and the speech is so lousy

Cyrus Slapatich - 11 months ago

The Washington Post publishes over 1200 articles a day and 1195 are anti Trump hit pieces.

Norberto Mejias - 11 months ago

His souls is the most precious thing he owns, I hope he does not lose it and end up in hell forever. God bless and guide him.

Helder Lopes - 11 months ago

Great aye, when billion dollar companies pay next to little or no tax, well done bogg-eye.

marcushixson - 11 months ago

I think he is gearing up to run for presentiment

run teldat - 11 months ago

I don’t trust this guy.

AL CY - 11 months ago

humans don't impress me.

Reid Ridenhour - 11 months ago

Every island the in the Puget sound?

Bill Anderson - 11 months ago

so 3 minutes into the video there's an advertisement for ladies undergarments? fuck you

Mustafa Darrar - 11 months ago

And he can't pay a fair pay and benefits to non salary employees?

b1itsjustme - 11 months ago

Mr. Bezos… how about running for president and saving us from this asshole?

Paul O'Neill - 11 months ago

It's not his bionic Eye, the iSquinty 2.0?
I'm shocked, Shocked I say!

Designs, Peace and Love - 11 months ago

And he deserves every bit of it!

Kevin M - 11 months ago

There was a mistake in this at 3:25 Blue Origin has never carried people on a launch, thank you and have a nice day.

thomasd38 - 11 months ago

I know the cheapest thing he had…a soul

sagar singha - 11 months ago

why the hell you keep mentioning him "a billionaire"? The man earned the title of " a Trillionaire"!

Joshua Morgan - 11 months ago

Titanic not Titantic

sagar singha - 11 months ago

I can guarantee you if Bill Gares did not donate most of his wealth, he would still be the richest man alive for a long coming future! For me, Mr. Gates is the Toppest man.

Loud Mike Productions - 11 months ago

i need views!!!

DowntownCanon - 11 months ago

While Bezos mulls another $40 billion venture, I'm still on the fence about becoming an Amazon Prime member.

k odu - 11 months ago

He deserves it.

k odu - 11 months ago

Donald Trump spends his money on prostitutes and porn stars.

Charles Nicklestein - 11 months ago

This motherfucker has No McLaren F1? What the Fuck Jeff, it is only $12 Million to bring your A Game . That Honda isn't gonna cut it. Not to mention that McLaren will not depreciate.

Salmonfaky - 11 months ago

4:02 "deeper than even the TITANTIC had sunk" Roflcopter Hahahahahaha what a retard lol

kalkansemy - 11 months ago

fuck you Moneys

mike e - 11 months ago


Nicholas Littlejohn - 11 months ago

Mister Bozo! He has real issues.

Earl Edward - 11 months ago

If the Moon was for sale, he'd buy it.

Eoin Muris - 11 months ago

4:03 titantic

Reister Fred - 11 months ago

Let him enjoy the money he had now, afterlife he'll be in the same state as us 🙂

PidgeStudios - 11 months ago

Deeper than the TITANTIC!!! Now thats something!

Blake Howgate - 11 months ago


end cool - 11 months ago


d Ron - 11 months ago

But bezos still eats chicken and beef that most of us eat .. And same away he shits that all of us do..😂😂😂

Nuclear Pixel - 11 months ago

jeff bezos = justin hammer
elon musk = tony stark

Tim. man789 - 11 months ago

Amazing video! Thanks for sharing.

william daley - 11 months ago

What the fuck is the titaNTic😂

Hold this L - 11 months ago

You gotta try harder on your clickbait

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