10 Most PAINFUL Things You Can Experience

10 Most PAINFUL Things You Can Experience

10 Most PAINFUL Things You Can Experience

Here are the top 10 most painful things a human can experience.

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10 Most Painful Things You Can Experience

MuseZackXX86 - last month

You ever created your first meme and didnt get one like on it

Mynk Senaih - last month

Ion think cluster headaches is that serious though 😓😭😂😂😂

Matt Erickson - last month

When she keep sucking after you cum hurts very bad also

Owen Lee - last month

Where’s passing a kidney stone there’s definitely scientific name for it but idk what it is

Tracy Z - last month

Open heart surgery and the long recovery is the most painful thing I've ever experienced.

GhOsT MaN - last month

No this is not the painful thing……

Emotional pain from some you love deeply😔

SSB Wyatt - last month

Getting hit in the balls is the most pain anyone can feel

Dat Asian Over There - last month

My life.

cooper houchin - last month

Haha I legit get the second thing on this list all the time and I can vouch for it, yea it Friggin hurts like hell. I have a chiari malformation that causes them

Nerozumim - last month

Survivor of trigeminal neuralgia here (well, for now). Absolutely incapacitating: you can't really go out as you never know when comes the next attack (there are many every day), and when you do have an attack you can easily fall on the floor in pain unless you have something to hold unto. It's like burning without flames. You need to pre-arrange to go to the hospital in a private room where you are allowed to scream, with a water sink. Then you move quickly there right after a crisis and vice versa when you return. Basically you cannot go to the doctor normally, you are too much in pain. You can't wait in the urgency room (and it's not a urgency, you need to manage endure excruciating pain knowing that it is not deadly though it can drive you unconscious. If it does at least you have no pain while sleeping).

Vxxg - last month

wheres peeing with a boner

Torq - last month

The worst pain is when you hit your toes to the corner of your door.

ImperialZorn - last month

I think the most painful thing is geting involved in a springlock failure than revive 30 years later as just a mess of organs and bones inside of an animatronic springlock suit.

Paul Perlova - last month

The worst pain i've ever experienced was the first few days after getting all 4 wisdom teeth and my 2nd molar removed all at once. 3 of my wisdom teeth were sideways and still in the bone. I needed to take Percocet 10/650 (Two 5/325) 3 times a day for 4 days and even that only substantially decreased the pain to the point where what very little discomfort I had left that reminded me that I just had surgery was practically also taken away because I was way too loopy to pay any attention to it. So really it did take away all of my pain I guess. Luckily I never got addicted despite how great it felt.

stanley diep - last month

"Being Left On Read". that one hurts xD

Meho Kahrimanovic - last month

You forgot to add man flue

LittleBilly69 - last month

Getting a testicle cut in half has to be number one

DanLMylott 14 - last month

Not sure if this was said already, but heartbreak is the worst pain

okiewoman - last month

I have trigeminal neuralgia and there is absolutely no way to describe how very very painful this disease is. This disease strips you of everything. It will bring you to your knees and yes at first I wanted to just kill myself. Lucky for me the meds are working for now.

lil cato - last month

What about not thanking the bus driver. The bus driver must be heartbroken…

Michael V. - last month

Anti vaxers be shook

ThatSexyCalculator - last month


Crimson King - last month

Worst pain in the world, waking/staying up for school

T. K. - last month

second degree burns are the most painful, for a burn to be considered 3rd degrees, it has to do damage to nerves which no nerves= no feeling

RUReallyReal40 - last month

Walking into a trailer hitch….right at about mid shin level….

HUSKY21 - last month

Number 99999: stepping on a legooo

Robert Atkins - last month

They forgot trapped wind or getting kicked in the nuts

Vanessa Torgler - last month

Peeling your skin off and putting you in that bull torture thing

And no I haven't experienced this

Jayden Rose 6 gaming - last month

Where is hitting your littlest toe especially when you break the nail or even when your break your bone the worst I've ever gotten is hitting my big toe breaking the nail and falling in dog poop and getting licked in the mouth by my dog that has a reputation for eating dog poop and even worse my best friend witnessed everything and told almost the whole grade and they laughed at me when I got to school that's one of the worst pain

What's Boolin Boys - last month

Ever have Nathan Peterman as your team’s starting QB?

ghostkill2525 - last month

You forgot uti in males

Sasha Aimey - last month

You forget severe endometriosis

bigdima3 - last month

iPhone cable too short

sagar aher - last month

Skin burn is like going to hell

Rarted Pasgetti - last month

Birth was painful to me, not when i born but now

The One Wish X - last month

What about being rejected by your crush

Rzy 150 - last month

Worst pain was watching this shit and what about the kidney stones for real tho

Mad MuziQ Television - last month

Heart break… yeah.

Johnny J - last month

I live with chronic pancreatitis and it's a mother but a couple of the ones in this video …..

JAN The gamer YT - last month

The worst thing I experienced was circumsision. I am just 10 jesus christ.

Megan Tinkler - last month

Getting bitten by a dog

areamusicale - last month

what they don't say about tatanus is that you have over 48 hours to get the injection done, and it will last for 5 years …. so, unless you are an idiot that walks barefoot on rusty nails, you don't need that vacine …. and therefore it shouldn't be promoted as necessary, even less it shouldn't be obligatory!

Sabrina & JohnnyAngel Rojas - last month

Being introduced as her best “friend”

Shadowbeast Playz - last month

I’ve had locked jaw. It’s very painful.

Edbotikx - last month

Bullshit clickbait video. Has bullet ants but shoulint that mean gunshots should also be on this list? No it's just trying to be sensationalist

Jamie gaming - last month

What about hung, drawn and quartered

Zantagiro7 - last month

the most unbearable pains are there in Hell! the moment you are being deep fried, cooked alive and agitating in the most gruesome agony and unable to die, then only you know how WORTHLESS a piece of old coward insecure scumbag shit like you in the EYES of GOD! everything can be used to torture a worthless old pig like you eternally! and I want you to get every kind of it! keep following the appointed deceivers and being DESPISED by GOD! what a total piece of old shit pig you are eric schmidt!

Woon Sen - last month

Why why didnt use stepping on lego its hurts so much

TheLostNexus5 - Roblox, GD, and Stuff - last month

I watched this now I’m gonna have nightmares.
I regret the decision of ignoring the warning.

Mr. IDK - last month

has anyone ever had the back of their ankle hit by a shopping cart at the store😱

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