10 Most Powerful People in The World

10 Most Powerful People in The World

10 Most Powerful People in The World

Here are the 10 most powerful people in the world.

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10 Most Powerful People in The World

Rich Koslower - last year

you shit on america and praise communist china… burning down churches, grading their citizens, wants to overcome A.i real nice.

Joseph Sin - last year

Chancellor of Germany is Hitler's daughter

T GR8-1 - last year

13:00 😂.. Shi is the son of shi song sung…. Hahaha..

El Guapo - last year

No mention of MBS ordering that journalist cut up and hauled out of a Saudi embassy in bags

sagar aher - last year

3:43 trump in his mind: imma bomb yall mofos

adilene altamirano - last year

You should do bts.

JD Jacobs - last year

Clearly this channel is just like CNN. Not one mention of the good things PRESIDENT Trump has done, like the massive economic growth. But the clinker was when you had to bring up the phony Russian investigation. Top Trending sucks!

Auntie Rae - last year

So the pope. Is for homosexuality but does not want woman clergy?. NAH! IF WE GONNA B OPEN MINDED everyone should have a chance to b great. Let woman get a damn chance; etc.

Tom Watson - last year

Total political website. Junk.

Fearless _King - last year

Stupid Americans

Geezy Squeezy - last year

Winnie the Pooh, aka Xitler, aka Xi Jinping is an utter cunt.

Embargoman - last year

OK Shinzo Abe is not on the list probably, if he could be the one to change Japan, in a way when it comes to changes the world politics of changing things on territorial disputes and the to free a nation in Central America despite the controversial disputes over the Takeshima/Dokdo with Korea and the dispute over San Andres between Colombia and Nicaragua then Shinzo Abe will soon be on the list of most powerful world leaders even if the Liancourt Rocks is under the control of Japan while San Anderes is under the control of Nicaragua.

Dylan Essex - last year

Political agenda/fake news… unsubscribed…

Nik Zarif - last year

Hire me if you want someone to go to sleep

Sikkander Syed Ibrahim Sha - last year

Where is roth child

Jordan Rimon - last year

Moozlum ^^

Aabil Masih - last year

Elon musk?

TRULYBLESS2060 - last year

I just added a video on my channel I saw a big fight in target for Black Friday they closed the store everyone was mad

EDM Raver - last year


EDM Raver - last year

Trump is clearly the most powerful. This is bullshit bias.

EDM Raver - last year


krishna kumar - last year

So if that so why is Trump on the list . If he is on the list then speak about his good like other don't be partial I am not American and don't believe in equality but a big fan of justice . I you are just making Americans feeling guilty if it affects them

Amal Karunasena - last year

We like trump no matter what

Michal Ferdynus - last year

Orange Man Bad

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