10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

These 10 objects will keep your brain wondering! Some of the coolest inventions we could find that defy the laws of physics!

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10 Objects Invented Just to Defy Physics

L_SR - a few months ago

oh my god the cup shows up the name of this liquid. LAWS OF PHYSICS = BROKEN.

Jed Lawson - a few months ago

A lot of these "magic objects" are hoaxes, much like "man made" climate change and the "flat Earth" theory, swallowed hook, line and sinker by the type of people who have trouble eating with their mouth closed while watching CNN. To be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Andrew White - a few months ago

Does the rattleback go the other way when you're in the southern hemisphere?

Andrew White - a few months ago

So….GOMBOCs wobble but they don't fall down?

Willie Brown III - a few months ago

That pic of those creatures are not our ancestors. he's nuts. humans have always been humans. created by the creator.

Jim Mulholland - a few months ago

Miracles are merely occurances that mankind has yet to understand. Ancient civilizations used to be believe that the sun appearing was a miracle and worshipped sun gods to appease the gods thereby assuring the sun would continue to show itself.

Yolo Swaggins - a few months ago

What utter nonsense

Dragonslayer jr - a few months ago

the mighty mug works like when you pick it up the bottom half hold on the top goes up witch realses oxygen in to the suction cup there for breaks the sticky seal

Jei Wilber - a few months ago


Derek Cantwell - a few months ago

You know what? That Sprint ad defied the laws of enjoyment.

Kelby Iry - a few months ago

6.32 Fill it and it shows POISON

VeoBroLIVE - a few months ago

Fake as fuck

Marvin PhiRatio - a few months ago

the laws of physics are lies

CodeguruX - a few months ago

Cipher Glass. 99% color match to mass consumed products. Not that fucking hard to explain. Coke and Pepsi do not have the exact same color. Please stop this asinine wonder at nothing special.

Richard Manning - a few months ago


GAcolo216 - a few months ago

Haha Old school sourcefed Joe at 4:00

NickyB 75 - a few months ago

Huver boards?? Try HOVER board mate😉

michael wynn - a few months ago

NONE OF THESE Defy The Laws of Physics

willie fennel - a few months ago

What made YouTube go off

Yuri On Edge - a few months ago

Ok the thumbnail is a special glass, and it’s super light. Forgot what it’s called but it is used in space crafts

Hyrum Beck - a few months ago

The 10 minute mark is strong with this one.

An Man - a few months ago

Go Fuck yourself

K3Y - a few months ago

I can't find anything on YouTube about the cipher glass

David K - a few months ago

Could you elaborate where, and which laws of physics have been "defied"?

alam107 - a few months ago

i like the botole

Ryan Loewen - a few months ago

All of these are still governed by the laws of physics.

Universe Admiral Maria Orsitsch - a few months ago

Hologram Matter is real Now make from Pure Light Can Build Star Ship and maybe Whole Planet

Hunter Prokurat - a few months ago

This dudes is an ass it will require a degree in phisics seriously this dudes a clickbaiting cunt and these dont defy phisics

K G - a few months ago

The man at the end is an asshole. Fuck him. At least he could have patent the formula and had his family rich and helped humanity. Yeah, fuck him!

Soci ety - a few months ago

Me: clicks video


Looks at comments


Kamron Martinez - a few months ago

Some of these even had nothing to do with physics

Ameer Rehman - a few months ago

You don’t need a degree in physics to know that this list is bullshit

prusak26 - a few months ago

so, an axe that will dislocate your wrists the very first time you use it… will sure prevent more serious injuries!

wuffendok - a few months ago

Just a bunch of crackpots. Nothing new.

wuffendok - a few months ago

Click baiting title.

Adomas Stalilionis - a few months ago

The thing in the thumbnail is clickbair. It's clickbait but in a very clear air form.

Ben Wa Balls - a few months ago

First of all dough head there was no math used to create any of these objects, these were all made by trail and error like everything else in this world!

Thomas Rogers - a few months ago

The mighty mug is good but you have to make sure the surface I clean and level or it will not work

Apple Catalan - a few months ago

The guy that did the ice cream pastry probly got the idea from tempura ice cream

ITsJustPain - a few months ago

The person responsible for this video should be stoned to death. It's obvious this is another video made purely for monetization.

Average Roblox User - a few months ago

L i q u i d a i r

Dena Smejkal - a few months ago

Uh [email protected] noyicias noticiasfebrnrxurla. B g

Neon Lights - a few months ago

That cup most likely works due to the plate's balances. If it leans to one side, it sticks. If the whole plate is lifted at once, it is like it never had the plate. This is why if you tried to grab it, and drag it across the desk, it wouldn't work.

Finlay Crawford - a few months ago

ACTUALLY you can buy a Gomboc from amazon or from the Gomboc webite for about 300 usd/gbp

jamesblunt006 - a few months ago

10 Objects Invented Just to Show that you don't understand The Laws of Physics.

Juan Ignacio Falcone - a few months ago

You could have talked about the magnetic levitation technology which is planned to be applied on trains in Asia, but you preferred to talk about hydrophobic sprays and unboilable eggs

R.A.S.K - a few months ago

They can’t defy the laws of physics. It’s one of the few things I know are impossible because even if you ‘broke a law’, you didn’t because physics allowed you to. If you ‘break a law’ it would be unimaginable. Smart people just understand these laws enough to use them in their favour.

dakota lang - a few months ago

XD using the waterproof spray for ejaculation

urbansurf - a few months ago

E=mc2 is wrong. Albert Einstein was just an actor in a political theatre.

Dennis Boyer - a few months ago

The spray that acts as a water repelant and makes fabric waterproof is scarry. I once read of a chemical mixture in which a small quantity could render the planet's fresh water or any kind of water useless to living things!!

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