10 Questions Science Still Can't Answer

10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

Here are 10 simple questions we still can’t answer

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10 Questions Science Still Can’t Answer

Jj Jarrell - last year

The #1 answer science will never answer is WHAT IS DA WAE DU YU KNO DE WAE I KNO DE WAE …..CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK ….more clicking sounds

I need a good Youtube name - last year

WTF you said the answers to a few of them

I need a good Youtube name - last year

We know how life began and when and how the Moon formed.

Gravity is the curve in spacetime, guess someone didn't pay attention in Physics class.

We know why we sleep.
We know how many species there are, sort of.

LegandaryMagicOwl 1814 - last year

Top 10 questions science can't answer

Does a Straw have 1 hole or 2 holes?

Peyton Cannon - last year


Andrew Grey - last year

Another question, why would some dumb ass let their kid sleep in bed with an adult male lion?

Andrew Grey - last year

Hypnic jerk – I've had it my whole life. I think it's your subconscious taking over as you fall asleep but then your conscience mind which is not yet fully asleep suddenly notices the super-powerful subconscious which causes an electrical charge or perhaps a "fear" reaction.

lukas motte - last year

Soooo here's one. We can see water right? But we can't see air, right? So is it the opposite with fish, can they see air but can't see water???

GergeTron - last year

Where's the lamb sauce?

Matt Warren - last year

Isn't a microbe already alive

Smoove Cat - last year

there must be something in wast space lol

Rajlakshmi Boruah - last year

little confused.

HentaiSavage - last year

If your homie send you a dick pic and you screenshot it, who gay?

Philoso-what? - last year

Cats purr for the same reasons humans cry, or birds chirp. Somewhat.

Skittle Skills - last year

Maybe the moon could be made by two comets collided and more comets collided into it and it just got bigger over time

keeth keith - 11 months ago

Who invented bitcoin?

56474757466 - 10 months ago


4pharaoh - 8 months ago

Ten more questions science can’t answer (But Steven Wright can.(paraphrased))
10. Do we know what Time is? S.W.: “Yes but not right now.”
9. Can a person have amnesia and déjà vu at the same time? S.W.: “Yes, but I feel I’ve forgotten this before.”
8. Can people see the future? S.W.: “ Yes but only in hindsight.”
7. Can the Theory of Evolution ever be totally explained? S.W.: “Yes, Darwin was adopted.”
6. If we have never seen an electron, how do we know it’s really there? S.W.: “Shut up and pay your power bill.”
5. If you fell from a plane from 10,000 feet why don’t you just keep going faster and faster? S.W.: “Hey, wait a minute: I remember you!”
4. Can you make powdered water? S.W.: “Yes, but we don’t know what to add to it.”
3. If you put a 100% efficient refrigerator in a perfectly insulated room, after a while what would be the final temperature of the room? S.W.: “It’s always room temperature.”
2. Are space and time really the same thing? S.W.: “Yes, my girlfriend showed up 3 miles late on our last date.”
1. Is there any long term side effects of being born by Caesarean section S.W.: “ Yes, an overwhelming desire to leave by the window.”

(Plagiarized and distorted for your enjoyment;-)

Sam Ebersman - 8 months ago

If yo homie send you a dick pic and you screenshot it who gay?

JakeyStar 2017 - 7 months ago


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