10 Richest Rappers Of All Time

10 Richest Rappers Of All Time

10 Richest Rappers Of All Time

Here are the most successful rappers in the game!

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10 Richest Rappers Of All Time

Os Zo - a few months ago

I think this video was disrespectful the way he introduced the artists.

Macson - a few months ago

Usher not a rapper 🤦🏾‍♂️

John Porter - a few months ago

“Jodeshi?” Lol

Emery Gao - a few months ago

Brooklyn nets not New Jersey nets

sibusiso ncube - a few months ago

So no body noticed the rick ross thing

itsPorscheBoy - a few months ago

Eminem is ok tho

Hero Acer - a few months ago

Soulja Boy going be the riches man to release new gaming consoles

de hash - a few months ago

How come you have 4.3 M subscribers, but only 13K views at this moment on 12-23-18?

slim shady - a few months ago

Im here just for em I didn't understand he hard work so much and only have net worth of 190m 😥

xldjvista - a few months ago

Russell isn't a rapper. You guys are dumb.

miniTECHclips - a few months ago

"Classic albums like Marshall Mathers LP" * shows the wrong album cover *

Imthejuggernaut_bitch - a few months ago

Wayne all day idc is the #1

Diva - a few months ago

This White Washed list, Usher is not a damn rapper, neither is Russell Simmons

Falcon - a few months ago

Eminem’s net worth is a lot more than what people think, 8 mile movie alone made a profit of 200 million in USA alone, not to mention his 150+ Million record sales worldwide & USA included. He’s also invested in Share Holdings in Aftermath with Dr.Dre. He’s basically a Juggernaut in Hip-Hop & has a insanely private personal lifestyle that’s known by only few who’re in the industry. Not to mention his own Record label Shady records that’s sold over 40 million records.

There’s a reason why he’s so much respected by Old & New Hip-Hop legends or new artists. Not just Hip-Hop, it’s all around the Recoding industry cause Aftermaths is associated with Interscope which is a Subsidiary of UMG which controls every record label. In short they know his value and worth.

He’s also the only Rapper I know who hasn’t changed with Fame, he made a promise to his friends of D12 that if he’d blow up he’d stay in Detroit & he still lives there. Eminem and Dre are like a strong force in the entire Music industry you don’t ever want to mess with.

Greg man - a few months ago

50 cent should be on this?

WJD Miami305 - a few months ago

Kayne sold 120 million albums, Dahm people will buy anything

WJD Miami305 - a few months ago

Russell Simons and Usher are not rappers

Steffani sheets - a few months ago

Em networth is actually 210- 245 million don’t where your getting these numbers an and Kanye is like 260 million

tmason995 - a few months ago

Usher is not a rapper he's an r&b singer. Also usher is not a texas native, he was born and raised in Chattanooga tn.

jonathan pierce - a few months ago

Come on bruh if you going to make videos pay attention to the details we ALL KNO DAMN WELL USHER IS FROM THE ATL

jonathan pierce - a few months ago

Alternative facts!!!?

Mark B - a few months ago

HAHAHAHA Eminem isn’t not the best rapper in the world. I love how you white folks try to steal everything. Eminem is not even the 20th best rapper in the world 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂

Mark B - a few months ago

Jay-z is worth a billion. Damn guy you are way off on a lot of this shit. I was going to follow you until I saw this bullshit!

Ric Philly - a few months ago

7:54 Rick Ross 😕

Sun p - a few months ago

Jodeshi lol

Phillip Jones - a few months ago

Wow this is so wrong and out dated

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