10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 10 mind blowing riddles that will trick your brain.

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10 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind

SemiHigh Production - last year

2+2= 5

Emily - last year

I thought that instead of the man starting another fire he should jump in the water cause like islands are girted(Australian word that means surrounded) by water

jenny persaud - last year

I gpt 10 out of 10

Megan's world - last year

Find the difference like if you found it

Megan's world - last year

Girl do you love me
Boy ovcorse I do
Girl do you hate me
Boy no
Girl would you kiss me

aryan Bisht - last year

Question two can also have the answer β€œExtreme”

Tony Gunk - last year

4:20 praise kek

Guilherme Torres - last year

0:58 "Unbreakabale logical loop" He could chop off your head after the heart. That way it's still logically sound. It's true because he chopped off your head, and he ripped your heart because the sentence was true.

Stephen Davey - last year

In the elevator, with the image you showed, why not go to floor eight?

beastfire fire - last year

I got all them correct

Cole B - last year

If the person that is saying the truth has the door to heaven…
Just do this…
Injure them and ask them if it hurts. If they say no, go to the other door. If they say yes, go to their door…


PurpleMind Arcana - last year

The display puzzle:cute!
You just.turned one of.the #s backwards amd.get a fish, an 8, and a.triangle!

Ploppy GT - last year

On the airplane one I thought because 1 person didn't use the seatbelt and died

The Diamond Knight - last year


aly lana - last year


DeondrΓ© - last year

For the last one you could just ask what’s 1+1 or a simple math problem

Lucus Kim - last year

The first one LOL. The warrior could chop off his head because the man ordered him to. Since the statement is true, the warrior will also cut out the man's heart.

The second one even worse. There could be multiple letters in an envelope or no letters in that envelope.


For the one with the frogs I answered correctly, but because of the question not asking how many were left ON THE BANK, not the actual word switch.

Das And Dad - last year

Whoever subs me i would sub back just comment done in one of my videos

Bleach Who needs me - last year

What sentence starts with m and ends with s

My mothers little tits

Ridwan jamz1 - last year

but on the elevator one if he can reach for lift 7 then he can surely lift for 8 because 8 and 7 are the same size – on 4:00

_pasta_pete_ - last year

Actually, you imbecile, it would be "How far into the woods can a dog run?"

Random Game Playz - last year

The frog one is wrong cuz it litterly says into the water 🐸

Zuala Sailo - last year

it hurts my brain

PotatoFart Nyah - last year

For the man in the island that is burning with steep cliffs why can’t he jump in the water?

PotatoFart Nyah - last year

Why can’t u say for the last one are u wearing clothes

DΓ‘ithΓ­ Γ“ NuallaΓ­n - last year

This is rediculous and only sad people would watch it

Infinite Flames - last year

for the first one i thought of "this sentence is false"

JoAndra Van Dowall - last year

My son once told me there is no R in the alphabet. I reassured him there is; it's the 18th letter. He still insists there isn't. Okay. I told him, "Prove it." He then spelled, "T H E A L P H A B E T. No R!" Yeah, he got me.

Hershey Rachelle Ramos - last year


MD. FAIYAZ - last year

you could just ask which door would you say that leads to heaven if I would ask you ? how does this work
If you asked the liar he would sent you to the right path as it would be a double lie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

私はloliγƒγƒ«γƒŽγŒε€§ε₯½γ - last year

For the last one, couldn't you say" my name is ____, what is my name?" then the guard who always lies would be exposed?

Jahneikah Coleman - last year

1 riddle to blow your mind – how the fuck are people only getting 3 lousy seconds to answer these????

Abu Hussaini - last year

The last Riddle!!
Action I am doing is staring at the door
Question I would ask is : I am staring, staring at the door of heaven am I right?

This was just a 2minute logic, in place of action other actions can be done too. Make sure you correct me if it's wrong.
Reply with your brain tickle answers too!!

Alex Somers - last year

#2: I thought EYE as it both starts and ends with 'e' but only contains 1 letter as you pronounce it 'i'. Thought I was smart, better luck next time!

John McWeasel - last year

For the first one, it could be "This sentence is false."

Dake Kai - last year

The second one I answered EYE which is more correct…indirect logic is a form of broken logic or forced logic. Cuz an envelope could contain more than one 'letter'. Or contain other forms of communication. My answer is more logical and not bound by 'word trickery'…these are stupid.

Benjamin Smith - last year

but the button for floor 8 is directly across from the 7th floor button. good video

Therapy Check - last year

1+1equals a baby
cuz two people make a baby……or do they…… 😯😯

Hanka Ropers - last year

This is clickbait!!! I only wanted to know the answer to why 2+2 equals fish! But he doesn't even mention!

Isaiah Dorsey - last year

The plane one…. they died before the crash. That’s the fucking answer

Bella Blondon - last year

A wealthy man lives in a circular house with his rich wife and their two kids, Jeff and Amy. The people who work for them are a maid, a butler, and a chef. One day, the man and his wife come home to find out they have been robbed and their children have been murdered. The man and his wife narrowed the suspects down to their workers and all had alibis. Who did it, the maid who was making the children’s beds, the butler who was dusting the corners of the house, or the chef who was baking a pie?

Arivalaky Jeevathasan - last year

I got everyone it's very easy

Kayla Allen - last year

I dont get the reasonings :/

nutella good - last year

I am

Muhammad Fathuddin - last year

3 + 3 = 6
10 + 1 = 11
2 + 2 = FISHHHH!!!!!!

YoGOAT - last year

The first one was the hardest riddle I have ever come across

robert Butcher - last year

I feel like there’s a second simpler answer to the light blob riddle. Since the switches are on the outside, and the blob is on the inside, just test each switch and look for a light shining out of the room, or stand outside the room and look in. Either way, you’re no entering until you find the switch.

Andrew Weis - 11 months ago

@4:20 PEPE!!

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