10 Smartest People In The World

10 Smartest People In The World

10 Smartest People In The World

Here are the top 10 smartest people in the world. These real life geniuses have some of the highest IQ’s ever recorded.

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10 Smartest People In The World

Nick Mags - last year

tao is the smartest

Nicolai Kjaerside - last year

IQ between 170-220. First dude he introduces has 230IQ…

nimso.9 - last year


forever Hungry - last year

iq230 for real?

Alex Alexx - last year

Where is Elon Musk?

yggdrasill - last year

lol wth the dudes from adelaide

Suman Shrestha - last year

Umm. Carlsen was a grandmaster at a younger age than Judit.

Seth wright - last year

Judith polgar is not the youngest chess grandmaster ever???

Hank g - last year

They all have hideous wives

BOB SAGGET - last year

Judit Polgar statements are not accurate. She may be the best female player, but is nowhere close to the best male player, Magnus Carlsen. His peak ELO is about 150 points above her peak.

BB Cute - last year

Is there a free and accurate IQ test online?

John Doe - last year

6:22 Dude, North Korean propaganda isn't good source of information. You also got the name and images wrong.

Jose Julian - last year

My IQ be lower than -100 🙃🙃🙃

0 Subscribers with No Videos - last year

Some Dudes: Wow Those People are Smartest in the World!

Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein:Hold Our Beer

Siddhant Salve - last year

wow .. there are some women names …thats nice … but you know what those women could have done a more better job n used their skills … in d fucking KITCHEN

Matthew Smith - last year

I’m IQ 130 I used to feel slightly smart, now I feel like an idiot

Guilermo Callewaert - last year

These IQ's are not proven…

CcrazyF Gfdz - last year

Your right. We all have hidden talent… It's already 2018 Dec 11 I'm still looking for it.. hidden talent btw..

CcrazyF Gfdz - last year

I think I have hidden talent.. "finding it" cause I really cant

Emil Øster - last year

3:35, LIES

yupeng wu - last year

Im so stupid 😂

norm Tanguilan - last year


Guillermo Fernandez - last year

The secret is in the mother's milk.

Anakin Wildstar - last year

how em eye knot on hear????

Karl Rossman - last year

I dont know what is my IQ. I believe it is average or slightly above average. I am introvert, I was very good at school when I was kid, like best in my entire school, but later on, in high school I was rebel and was a problem teenager, especially for teachers. I always confronted them and argued with them. Personality test says I am INTP. In my first language I am very articulate and my verbal intelligence is far above average. Cognitive one I have no idea. I was good at social subjects, but also I was good at physics and biology, but not so good at mathematics, which is weird to be good at one but not so good at other, because both are related. Sometimes I am worried not to be pseudo intellectual :P. I dont wanna be one of those douschebags. I like to read Dostoevsky, Kafka, Tolstoy, Balzac, Pushkin. I wrote poems before, and read them also. I dont think my memory is exceptional, it is maybe average. I do tend to remember useless crap when I dont want it, unwillingly. It just stucks in my head. Like triskaidekaphobia, and other useless words. I would like to measure my IQ, but I am afraid it would be average, and then my illusion that I am somewhat smart would disperse. About spatial intelligence, if that means how good I am in space, orientation etc, I think I am retarded. I easily get lost in my mind, and forget where I came from, if some new city, and I basically have very bad orientation. Like I am sleepwalking entire time.

Coinmarket SWOT - last year

I'm 19, school dropout. But hey, I have a Tesla Roadster next to my lots of free time.

Forest Girl - 11 months ago

5:15: "enviable" pronounced as [en-VYE-uh-buhl].

Forest Girl - 11 months ago

6:11: he needs to present himself better. He looks like a bum.

Forest Girl - 11 months ago

8:10: "academia" is pronounced as [a-kuh-de-mee-uh].

VirtualMedic - 11 months ago

So… no Magnus Carlsen with IQ of 190… great job….

Patrick Croukamp - 11 months ago

you have the wrong info on Judit Polgar; she was and is not the youngest grand-master ever; that belongs to men, and has just been lowered again.

ilias attobi - 11 months ago

the background music is annoying

marta pauvre - 11 months ago

But IQ isn’t good at telling how smart you are

marta pauvre - 11 months ago

But are they smarter than jeff bezos I mean the goal of most is to make money. Can they make more money than him?

J McClain - 11 months ago

They forgot Wiley E. Coyote: Super Genius.

Someone Important - 11 months ago

When my iq is 135 and I'm 16

Fortnite is what I do - 11 months ago

I don’t even know what 9×7 is

Edit: 54

Omnipotent Potato - 11 months ago

0:39 yeah right

Sfecla De zahar - 11 months ago

Fuck hungary

Stewie Griffin - 11 months ago

Almost everything said about Polgar is wrong.

Gary Templemain - 11 months ago

All these amazing people that could HELP the world by working out how they have such amazing powers so they could pass it on to the whole world. Imagine if every one one on the planet eventually could have an IQ of 200-250 how fast we could develop as a super race. The end of cancer, disease, hunger, war, the common cold. We are a self destructive creature but instead these super minds mess with chess, math & space. That's NOT will save us and the world.

Jigov - 11 months ago

Wat is IQ ?

Zabulon Yoti - 11 months ago

What about Walter O'Brien?…192

Huy Nguyen - 11 months ago

well.. gamers have 500 IQ

Zen - 11 months ago


496 527 - 11 months ago

all those smart people should be focussing on cancer, not on expanding the universe . Pointless geniuses


Funny bone vs safety on glock 45 under pillow huh ?

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