10 Strangest Things Scientists Can't Explain

10 Strangest Things Scientists Can’t Explain

10 Strangest Things Scientists Can’t Explain

These are some of the world’s most curious questions, ones science can’t even answer.

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10 Strangest Things Scientists Can’t Explain

malaysia Chaney - 6 months ago

I hate when ppl trying predict the future 😡

Kyna Soriano - 6 months ago

Um God make water and land😾😾😾😾

My Name is Gladiator - 6 months ago

Scientists reject the bible. Have no clue why we have water on Earth, even though the bible tells them why.

My Name is Gladiator - 6 months ago

Why do people who talk about aliens in these videos ignore the many, many astronauts who've seen alien craft? Or many reputable people who've seen aliens?

Azatoth - 6 months ago

Number of estimated stars in the universe = 10^24
Statistical impossible = 10^50
Probability of life evolving on a planet is already considered statically impossible and with not enough star, let alone planets suitable for life, then its doesnt make sense it happens often enough that 2 civilisations would ever meet.

chaoskill 26 - 6 months ago

I fully believe we live in another life form.everything moves away as it does cause that lifeform is growing up. If you see a pic of the whole universe we can see looks like somthing that happens an a brain…..if you go even further…..there is no limit to how big or small anything could be.when you think of gravity and size.if we were little we would be the ones to make up how a person lives(considering we are apart of some person that is huge to us)

Bukhari Ahmad - 6 months ago

I believe there should be a formula for both but we're just not advanced enough to discover it yet

Adam Last - 6 months ago

#2 why have aliens arrived yet? Well assuming life is out there, you kinda answered your own question if they are billions of stars out there figure they would have a lot of planets to check first before arriving to planet earth, then you would have to factor in distance and time. Maybe they have visited but earth was not inhabited yet and moved on, interstellar travel doesn't mean they can live forever and can wait for on evolution to happen, Just food for thought.

Rick Huntling - 6 months ago

He assumes there is life on other planets and says we can't logically assume there isn't. To have one protien fold into a correct functional structure is 10 to the 264 th power. This probabliity number to occur is greater then all the atoms in the universe and seconds in 13 billion years. It is not logical to assume life happened without a cause and a supreme being causing it to happen.

EzrA A - 6 months ago

Science is partially based on theory not 100% facts, they will only be able to explain some things to a certain level after that it will always be beyond their knowledge, I believe there's a supreme creator, GOD!

JVT 1 - 6 months ago

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JVT 1 - 6 months ago

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Sterna Cebu - 6 months ago

So that is god is so perfect and made miracles that scientist cant explain

robin siong - 6 months ago

having a navel is a humanoid mummy born. Jesus has a navel ?

Bill Chang - 6 months ago

Dislike the stupid thumbnail lol

pentirah5 - 6 months ago

Maybe the reason they don't find answers is because they won't consider the possibility of a Creator?

Carolyn Joyner - 6 months ago

Hawking was a theoretical mess all by himself. Wonder what he’s doing now?

Bella's Big Life - 6 months ago

What is outside the universe?

Bella's Big Life - 6 months ago

And what is in the sun?

Eri Lee - 6 months ago

those are not science. It is a theory and remain unknown. Therefore they only can guess and put an assumption to make a conclusion. 3.8billion years ago there are no human beings on this planet so how are we supposed to uncover what happened to the past? We could only guess about it by looking at a meteor asteroid or the dinasour and animals that have been extinct in the past. Science is something human has discovered and untangle the puzzle that was hidden in this reality world to make it useful for a human to use and comprehend. Many people don't even know what science is. When they say what a science is have no clue of what science is. Science is not everything and it won't solve everything that exists in our world.

Kanni Kine - 6 months ago

What would it be like if nothing existed

allybean - 6 months ago

If you read the Bible it will tell you.

Reflow1000 - 6 months ago

so life just happens?

Reflow1000 - 6 months ago

Aliens? WTF?

Steven LaFavor - 6 months ago

Another bull shit YouTube produced by either a moron or a lying sack of shit.

SamGaming123456 - 6 months ago

God made the earth and everything therein.

Happablapp - 6 months ago

Aliens are demons and theres at least 1 on the round table of the illuminati. I figured that out from watching the simpsons.

Jianu Flavian - 6 months ago

all is simple and elegant …. the universe is not out there but inside …. the universe and all of life and existence is more a hologram … is like a huge dream ,… lucid dreamers know what i am talking about.

StormyStars - 6 months ago

I was going to say the same thing Dylan lol! Confusing fact with theories.

StormyStars - 6 months ago

Meh! I do not believe Scientists are truly trying to figure the things out that have failed to provide anything more than theories of Earth, Space, People, Animals, Waters, water life, religion, and most especially, time frames of occurrences on Earth that hardly any scientists can agree on, not even on their theories. I totally disbelieve the sun being cooler the closer anything gets to it.

Mang Inasar Gaming - 6 months ago

In the beningging…-Optimus prime
Maybe we are alone in this universe and or we are the first…
IDK what the hell?

david soul - 6 months ago

The word " intelligent " should not be used by humans yet , because we are far from it !!..

3DPDK - 6 months ago

Modern science, when investigating the vastness of the universe, or things that happened on the Earth many thousands of years ago, is much like a fruit fly that lives for 24 hours and observes it's surrounding from a minuscule perspective, standing at the edge of the ocean and trying to figure out why the water rises and recedes every 15 or so seconds. There are too many variables the fruit fly can never know in it's own life span … or because it observes from a minuscule perspective. As soon as science accepts that the universe has more dimensions than the three our perspective allow us to see – not alternate dimensions, but higher dimensions we can not perceive, maybe then they will begin to understand the nature of the universe, sub-atomic particles, or where mankind came from. Much of science acknowledges the mathematical existence of higher dimensions, but refuse to figure it into their research into the "unexplained".

Timothy Walker - 6 months ago

Today's Illuminati are a fake organisation. Developed for their own sick wants and needs. The Illuminati basically means the enlightened ones. They originally rejected all formed of religion and politics. They instead saught answers in the field of science.

Chalamgtf123 Mohammed - 6 months ago


Rose White - 6 months ago

I am the one person in 7.6 billion who knows the science that reveals WORMS proves Earth is young.

Rose White - 6 months ago

3.8 billion years is the fairy tale half-life evolutionists give to the lead that is all over Earth.
They have no evidence that the great mass of lead is depleted uranium as if it was the entire Earth would be too toxic for any life.

Rose White - 6 months ago

This video is childish nonsense!
THe water separated into oxygen and hydrogen.
The hydrogen lifted away and the oxygen mixed with the elements to make the minerals – iron OXIDE? etc.
GENESIS 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness [a]was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Rose White - 6 months ago

the 95% dark matter is actually just empty space.
But widely spaced hydrogen molecules absorb sunlight and starlight enough to keep the temperature just above absolute zero.
Basic science – it's better than BigBang fairy tales!

Rose White - 6 months ago

6:36 is nonsense from old sci-fi movies and implied black hole is really black tubes!
By definition a black hole should be a spherical void.
But as they don't exist except in sci-fi circles it's useless to speculate about them.

Rose White - 6 months ago

Hawking was possessed by demons which is why he spouted his demonic sci-fi nonsense!

Ladonna Rhoden - 6 months ago

Lol, God!!!

bumbel bee - 6 months ago

On the last one about the sun there are these things called something I don't remember but they make the atmosphere hot and they when they get together they start exploding without that it would become a white dwarf in 5 billion years later the cell will start dying and the fuel for it the atmosphere will go out then it would explode into a white dwarf that's why cuz particles get together in the atmosphere and start heating up the atmosphere and on below the atmosphere there is nothing there besides a few heat

bumbel bee - 6 months ago

Btw im eleven

James LePage - 6 months ago

The problem with the missing aliens is that is presumes that life on earth was created by chance and that this chance creation must exist somewhere else, however, if life on earth was not by chance then there is not any reason why life would exist somewhere else.

James LePage - 6 months ago

What if…for some reason…we are planted here in a massive maze called the universe hidden from something to prevent it from finding us?

Chelsea Juiliano - 6 months ago

A planet doesn't have to be earth-like to support life. Wtf?

Mah Bhalls - 6 months ago

What created everything?- says science
Humans can never know. – says creation.

Léo Brodeur - 6 months ago

“dont forgot to subscribe” at the end lol

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