10 Surprising Things That Are Illegal In America

10 Surprising Things That Are Illegal In America

10 Surprising Things That Are Illegal In America

Here are 10 things you won’t believe are banned in the United States.

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10 Surprising Things That Are Illegal In America

Rene Carrillo - last year

I went to Mexico last year and you are allowed to bring back some Cubans. I can't remember the amount but for personal use bring it back is fine.

Poetic Nation - last year

Wow! Nice! Really cool video.

Blessed1 2018 - last year


Sawyer Kridech - last year

I live in Carmel and they sell high heels at fashion shops so I’m surprised they are banned plus our police are pretty layed back so it’s unlikely you would be caught wearing them (oh BTW it’s Car-m-el not caramel like the sweet)

Drooke - last year

Why are niggas drinking raw milk and eating unpasteurized cheese that's disgusting you literally just gave the best reason for why that shit's illegal

David Elvis - last year


David Elvis - last year

Surprising bans apparently means banning things that cause disease

DarkWiz888 - last year

Toy guns are illegal Real Guns are Legal
-USA Logic

Jeremy Ben - last year

Kinder eggs have been available for almost a year now (Walmart, ect.) … surprised with the lack of research.

Private Joker - last year

Bullshit click bait video.

Ry Ant - last year

Its so retarded to ban a dictionary just because of its language.

peter Yanes - last year

The eggs no I had them as a kid it had a toy inside so that a lie n they also had toys and a other Candy call something ball can't remember the name of it n they had toys in cereal

Ben Thomas - last year

The toy gun Nevada Vegas one is not accurate, tell that to my friend who lives in Nevada and had a similar mindset when it came to his perception of guns, he quickly learned that shit ain’t sweet and police don’t play with that at all. He got pulled over with a gun in his car that he didn’t have the paperwork or proof to show it was legally bought, now he’s doing 7 years in prison for possession of a deadly firearm, he was 19 with no criminal record except a dui which is the reason he couldn’t legally buy a gun in the first place, regardless if a state requires a permit or not guns still have to be legally bought. It doesn’t matter how legal or permitted firearms are in a state, it’s not like buying liquor or a pack of cigarettes and especially not as accessible as toy guns which is what you made it sound like(and btw the toy guns they’re talking about are more air soft, BB and cap-guns, rather than nerf, super soakers and other toy guns that don’t resemble real ones, like a ray gun or something) The law is only there so kids are not walking around pretending to have real guns and adults who are up to no good but are not willing to commit murder, don’t end up getting killed by police officers who swore they thought the adult had a real gun.

Julian Gomez - last year

Guess I'm not taking my super soaker to Vegas.😂

Dan flo - last year

I see those kinder things all the time today even if u want those come to Albuquerque New mex there here all the time

The Average Joe - last year

Some of these don’t seem right

Steven Oniske - last year

(Joke) number 1:being black in the south

Villain uday - last year

Apart from misuse of firearms and no strict laws on it( which is really strange), the US laws are really commendable and show concern for the health and safety of it's citizens. Again, illegal firearms sale is everywhere in the world.

Oscar Todman - last year

they have laws in America?

Info warrior - last year

I sold some old kids books a year ago, to multiple different stores.

unstable genius FL85 - last year

Figured cuban cigars on the list

Susan Boyle - last year

100’s of people hurt by real gun
America: Bans fake guns

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