10 Things JUUL Doesn't Want You To Know

10 Things JUUL Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things JUUL Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here are 10 unsettling facts about the most popular vape, JUUL.

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10 Things JUUL Doesn’t Want You To Know

Junpei19 Iroi - 7 months ago

any 5th graders watching this?
good thing I don't smoke!
(I'M a 12th grader)

GoFindYourself GFY - 7 months ago

This misinformation has caused me to click unsub. Later Shit Top Trending.

Metallicx xShades - 7 months ago

All these hypocrites saying nicotine is bad and all that, all the while drinking their 4-5 cups of coffee a day oh but nicotine is the problem. yeah OK. and along with the other chemicals we come in contact with every day probably more so than an ecig will ever give to you, and for long term studies the ecig market has been out for over a decade and no reports of harmful effects have been noted to this day. Sooooo in conclusion these people need to stop spreading misinformation.

Alexander Alvarado-Vela - 7 months ago

This is why we got bud.

Penfookio Productions - 7 months ago

As someone who is a former smoker and still vape….WTH is a JUUL i have never seen one only first saw them being found in diving videos.

Conner Schroeder - 7 months ago

I'm 16 sophomore in highschool and I know personally about 35 people that have juuls including me

Jerry b - 7 months ago

74% retail, 52% social, and 6% online do you even math bro?

sandy lafontaine - 7 months ago

OMG that's messed messed up

Sabrina & JohnnyAngel Rojas - 7 months ago

Fact #11 you’ll catch the big gay

Miko Pocekovic - 7 months ago

whos watching this while juuling lmao

shiyasai - 7 months ago

We need to make a Juul like product that's flavored, but has no nicotine amount other unhealthy things.

Internet Explorer - 7 months ago

Toking my juul rn

Ephraim Boomer - 7 months ago

My school is addicted to JUULs. Out of my entire high school life, there are kids openly juuling without a stall 80% of the time and the rest there were prob some juuling in the bathroom.

Jmack1lla - 7 months ago

you kids are getting hosed. Before i quit vaping I was buying a fucking liter of unflavored vape juice for like 70 bucks. A sack of bottles and syringes and a quarter liter of favoring for another 50 bucks and I had enough vape material for a YEAR. But i quit that shit because I care about my health

Jmack1lla - 7 months ago

I've never seen an adult use a Juul. Pretty sure these only target highschool kids. Adults buy proper vapes and liquid

Mr.MagicMan - 7 months ago

Ok now stop and listen. The metal part is legit total bullshit. You breathing in the same amount of metals as you are in vapeing

Jalen Doan - 7 months ago

and they still took my fidget spinner

Kevin Stands - 7 months ago

hits juul while i click on this

walmartskills - 7 months ago

I used to smoke cigs and was able to quit by using Niccorette gums or other brands, i refuse to be pulled into that dumb fad just cuz it looks "cool" to blow smoke out your mouth. My lungs are extremely happy these days and I can still get my Nicotine fix…people who vape are literally just followers trying to look cool

Justin Ceneviva - 7 months ago

We know exactly what's in e-liquid. BTW nicotine is actually beneficial. So STFU with your scaremongering.

Cyprimza - 7 months ago


Jack Huggins - 7 months ago

We dont give a fuck about the flavor we just wanna damn fix

2jz Gabe - 7 months ago

Never smoked or drank in my life and I’m 21…why am I here lmao

Zack Powell - 7 months ago

This video is sponsored by Big Tobacco

Donna Burke - 7 months ago

Dude kids are going to smoke whether its juuls or regular cigarettes. Sure vaping isn't seen as bad as cigarettes but it's still not okay to smoke underage. I mean I know a lot of people who quit smoking cigarettes and myself included by using this. Its a very innovative design and low maintenance compared to a lot of other electronic cigarette models. Just because they became more widely available it is being marketed towards kids? ( THATS NONESENSE) I just hate how people say they're trying to GET people to smoking juuls and bad mouthing this brand when cigarettes are still being sold today. Sure both have nicotine but there a lot of different additives in regular cigarettes that make them worse for you than let's say a Juul. I don't know all the chemical ingredients they use in Juuls but I can say I spend a lot less money and I feel a LOT better than when I smoked regular cigarettes. Of course, I don't want to smoke this for life but I don't think anyone who vapes actually believes they're going to do that for the rest of their life unless they're actively trying to be unhealthy. Also raising the law for 21 and older is not going to fix anything so they should just leave it as it is and just fuck off with the hate. It's not going to prevent kids from still getting them and it's going to make more people who have an addiction or trying to take steps to quit their nicotine addiction have a harder time.

See Canon - 7 months ago

Killing them softly with flavors! Make mine clear.

o0Avalon0o - 7 months ago

Nicotine should be more regulated than marijuana. The fact that it isn't and most of these childhood addictions could've been prevented, is saddening.

Katlin McCord - 7 months ago

i kinda feel like cig company's are just mad there losing money lolol

Conor Donahue - 7 months ago

This is dumb af. JUULs for teenagers are extremely expensive. They run through a pack of pods within 4 days if they use it wisely.

Starr Faktory - 7 months ago

This is such a huge load of propaganda bullshit. Eat a dick

Miami Heat Fan - 7 months ago

126 freshmen disliked this video

StormyStars - 7 months ago

That was an awesome if somewhat inaccurate video which I have shared 3, times. $5. To $12. For a pack of smokes? Seriously? No in Canada. $15.80-$23.00. They are however a lot more careful with the Vapes sold here. And the E juices? Looking forward to the cannabis flavoured ones. Joking. I do not Vapes even though I have smoked so long and know what it has done and is doing to my body. Since I have had cancer a couple times already. Most of my family died from cancer. I tried to vape, but it really makes me choke. It would be better to vape than smoke maybe. Seems the people who have been long time smokers die as soon as they quit. Seems like. Not a fact or anything. Anyway thank you for a video on a good topic people should pay more attention to. My husband is heavy with Vaping. He has tried many models. Is still. He has so many different E juices. He thinks he's saving himself and money. But he's not doing either as Vaporizers are definitely not made to last long so people who use them so heavily think the next more expensive model will last longer. But they never do. The longest was 3 months for the one and barely at that. His previous one? $160.00, had it a few weeks, it gave the temperature and time, but getting out of the car after work it fell into a puddle. Done. No more good at all. Didn't have a way to change the battery. Wasn't built to be able to change the battery.

AQWorldsKamran12 - 7 months ago

i wish juul and anything over 15mg of nic never existed. this shit should be banned forever and destroyed. its harm outweights the benefits of this device and is something that IN MY OPINION no matter what law is put in place, juul's will still be easily accessed by a lot of underage kids, buy and resell simple as that regardless of the rules in place, kids in 2018 are sneaky theyll make ways around it. i personally have been battling with it ever since i got it, started at 50 nic for a few months then I realized that im killing myself so i started to ween myself off it because i tried to cold turkey it like10 times but it never worked, after 10 failed attempts and months/money wasted. I started at 50, went down to 35 nic for a few months, then 25 nic, now im on 12 nic, after this im sticking to 3 nic until I can 100% live a nicotine free life. best of luck to my woke ones out there reading this who are trying to quit. lets make this world a better place:) and incredible video, subbed top trending!

Motivate Snaps - 7 months ago

They out here tripping over fucking juuls when there a bunch more shit humans should actually worry about…. regardless we all are going to fucking die. The Juul isn’t healthy but definitely is better regards to weed or cigars smoking. There’s actually video showing smoking does to the lungs. There is not a single thing in this planet that is good for us. EVERYTHING is bad. Too much food you get fat, too much weed is bad, too much water is bad…. so like fuck off with the un intelligence this people got. Only older ppl would say that cigars are better, more like smokers that like cigar. Ppl can’t just accept the truth. Electric cigars are better they are just not 100% healthy. Period. And on top ik SMOKING A JUUL RN AND THAT MF GUUD! (;

Wayne Miller - 7 months ago

I saw the gas station down the street from my house sell a juul to a 13 year old little girl the other day I know she's 13 because she lives in my neighborhood and goes to school with my child

ishanrko - 7 months ago

Dislkers be having a Juul in their hands while viewing this

_ScrypTic_ - 7 months ago

Idk why kids vape. My highschool is full of people who have JUUL.. This generation….

Leon Rosenbaum - 7 months ago

Alright way to hate on Juul as they are moving to headshops only and 21+ weird flex but ok

JarJay Binks - 7 months ago

I mean yea they're harmful and dangerous in the wrong hands, but most of the shit that's been put on them is because cigarette companies pay politicians large sums of money. The only reason anyone cares is cause juul is stealing future customers from big tobacco and they refuse to pay shady politicians to stay in business.

Kingan Raydance - 7 months ago

A lot of people use Juul to smoke THC by putting TCH Wax or liquid into empty pods.

IwasMurloc - 7 months ago

But how.much has youth smoking decreased? I rather have them start with vape then with cigs. Like most of us we were 12, im 40 and quit 4 y ago.
How many youths wont start smoking cause of vape, thats what they advertised from the government. They push vaping

IwasMurloc - 7 months ago

Nicotine? What about cancerous tar??? Rofl. Nicotine is like caffeine. Who cares. The problem is sigarettes. Vaping saves. Or start banning coffee and energy drinks. Smh

Ailie m - 7 months ago

I dont know why kids want to smoke this crap, it so harmful, and not cool

jpmorphhilson Soldof - 7 months ago

So dumb. Cigarettes and alcohol appeal to kids. Candy flavors appeal to adults. Vaping is safer than smoking and any with half a brain instinctively knows this. Fuckin retards

Leehpoej - 7 months ago

They banning e-cig but not the tobacco sound fishy

Caz - 7 months ago

This is why I’m so glad i live in England, e cigs aren’t demonised over here we actually have support from cancer research that vaping is better than smoking

Martin Lindgren - 7 months ago

Didnt even know this still was a thing

Honeneko - 7 months ago

Misinformation is the name of the game, right?
What type of studies were done exactly?

Zachary MENTION - 7 months ago

btw there's a resell business in France for Juuls since they're illegal. A pack of pods resells for about 35-50 dollars here 🙂

The Jewish Pizzaroll - 7 months ago

I hit a Juul at my friends place once it was blueberry nice flavor but I hate anything you have to smoke plus it was my first time so I coughed and I’ve hated em ever since

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