10 Things You Didn't Know About Audi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Audi

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Audi

Here are 10 interesting facts about German automobile manufacturer, Audi.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Audi

Conar Allen - last year

The Audi RS6 ABT is faster than the Audi R8 V10

madeline campos - last year

Audi should bring the RS6 and RS6 Avant. my friend owns a Volkswagen/Audi shop! he owns an RS2 avant in blue and a Audi Quattro and a Audi 100 and a R8 and a real Audi RS6 Avant.

thetvlab - last year

Good info but the way your stills move around is super annoying.

Paul Rutten - last year

Some interesting information but what's with the overuse of the far too loud video swipe sound effects? Stop it.

Francisco Maureira - last year

Audi pure garbage with Big Name

LewisDijs - last year

You guys are so wrong about the crumple zones part. Mercedes benz was the first manufacturer to introduce crumple zones in a car. Then volvo followed sometime after mercedes.

Criz909Jp - last year

Have an Audi and everyday i still miss my old BMW

Eduar Eduar - last year


jim cherkas - last year

It wasn't pows it was primarily Jews that were forced labor

That Guy - last year

Oh yes.. the car folks buy when they can't afford a BMW

StopTheCar ! - last year

Audi means 'hear!' in Latin not to hear

GET IT RIGHT (Speed comparers here? 😉

Timothy Su - last year

im a nerdy asian dude and my dad gave me his audi rs5 on my 18th birthday.A week later,i lost my virginity.I love my dad and Audi.

ninjo binjo - last year

Simply nice and loyal.

kraenk12 - last year

Some really bad and sometimes even wrong facts and pictures but not bad.

Dhrupad Brahmbhatt - last year

I love audi..

Nicolas Croteau - last year

See you said I wouldn't know these facts but the thing is I did and even know you made some mistakes with your facts

Nicolas Croteau - last year

Got a BMW ad as the video ended

84KingLouie - 11 months ago

It's too bad Audi decided to stop making real cars (manual transmissions).

Lukas - 11 months ago

Audi is a more expensive Volkswagen

Snehal Tandel - 11 months ago

i love audi and its day running lights and its four ring logo

beagelbird1 - 11 months ago

0000 funny how they failed to mention that when AUDI placed in the shift lock mechanisms for auto transmissions, it never happened again! Those accidents where do to people who were used to driving fat ass American couches, and when they upgraded to a precisely engineered German motor car, they didn't know what they HAD! Proper petal placement for high speed motoring. Just imagine IF the internet was alive with THAT BULLSHIT BACK THEN, :'( no more AUDI :-

Jori Schröer - 11 months ago

Still waiting for the Audi lunar rover.

MyEyesBled - 11 months ago

All I need to know after owning 6 during my lifetime, they’re over engineered, their DI engines suck, and their US dealer network is run by con artists…

Kenith McIntosh - 11 months ago

I'm audi 5000

Adrian - 10 months ago

Spill liquid while in a modern Audi and you are likely to fry a computer and then you are fucked

Adrian - 10 months ago

The quality of this video is incredibly poor, somewhat impressive

kevin Blankenburg - 10 months ago

This video is so full of mistakes it beggars belief.

General Zirkobi - 10 months ago

Eh, this is nothing compared to a proper car – a Volvo. And while Audi is claimed to have started it all, well – Volvo's are still safer to this day than any Audi, and unlike Audi, Volvo NEVER used slave labor, so yeah. I see no point, where an Audi (which stands for Authorized Uneducated Douchebag Incoming) I see no single point, where an Audi is in any way superior to Volvo. Face it, You've lost.

videodrom1 - 10 months ago

Who is this video for? Just wanted to see will it be worth it. It's not.

alle126 - 10 months ago

Thats why I love my 2015 A8L Quattro

Ariete Arms RAMLITE - 10 months ago

I knew all of these facts err ?

Devendra Parasram - 10 months ago

Audi owns lamborghini

koen Verhoeff - 10 months ago

Always only Americans…

psycold - 10 months ago

The Wanderer -Werke logo looks like the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo

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