10 Things You Didn't Know About Gigi Hadid

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gigi Hadid

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gigi Hadid

Here are 10 quick facts that you didn’t know about the supermodel Gigi Hadid


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gigi Hadid

Fatima Gillani - last year

There are 4 things I love more than myself:
4: Food🍟🎂🍩
3: My Electronics💻📱📳
2: Internet🌐
1: Zayn😍😍😚😚😙😘 and my friends

janelle ramilo - last year

Your so fuck you get Zayn Malik to perrie perrie is sexy den you and pretty den you fuck you 😤😤😤😬😬😬😠😠😠😡😡😡

janelle ramilo - last year

Sooosooo bitch you need to die

janelle ramilo - last year

Your a snake

Ali Sakti - last year

Trending Topic a n' [email protected]

Hadiya Elias - last year

Actually I don't love her don't know why

Martand Sisodia - last year

fuck musliam

Da.ai11 Da.ai11 - last year

Dammmn she's so freaking beautiful

sava chance - last year


lovely anuada - last year

shes a snake! By the way! HAHHHAHA

lovely anuada - last year

who is she? shes not even famous? or known here in the Philippines.. actually i know her when the news come out about perrie and zayns break up! and thats because of this BITCH! HAHAHAHA Model? but cant afford to find her own boy ? HAHAHHA SAD!!

Moriah Sherby - last year

are they dumb? Palestine does not exkist. It's called Israel.

Sipora Westreich - last year

She 6ft not 5"10…

I'm not a stalker I just watch 73 Questions with Gigi Hadid 😂

Davit Barseghyan - last year

I love you

Madhu Sudhan Kadisetty - last year

Wow.. What a natural beauty she had,i love her beauty–bella hadid

Screamers Ltd - last year

Yay!! Go Gigi xxx

perrie edward - last year

I hate you gigi because you took other boyfriend

elle vogue - last year

watching this while eating chips is making me re-evaluate my life choices! I am a model but nowhere near gigi's level haha so i can eat chips,feel shit for it but still enjoy the guilt! lmao

Yaeko Smiles - last year

I LOVE Gigi <33333

Maira Thorn - last year

wow wht a description

R M - last year

When jealous Israelis comment ⬇ lmao yep she's half Palestinian now cry out of jealously lol. Oh hey fun fact: atleast she's better than your beloved zona Gal Gafot or whatever she's called. Cuz Gal Gafot seriously got no talent. She is full of botox (it's been proved, not assuming) still doesn't look that great and also acts like she's nice and cute when she's a hidden psycho, opps. But hey thank god her rich husband got some contacts in Hollywood 😉 thanks to him she got the wonder woman role, which doesn't requires much acting skills. She said herself she only had to say a line while getting casted so basically it was clear from the beginning that shes going to get the role. #WhenZionistsRuleHollywood I wasn't gonna mention her but those hypocrites in the comments made me. Sorry not Sorry

Cops Ma Ho - last year

Love you gigi

Stefan Velkov - last year

I love ❤ you super beautiful sexy woman I'm FUCK REAL NOT VIRTUAL CARA MIA GIGI HADID

Stefan Velkov - last year

My photo 📷 in the instagram!!!

Abigail Mcc - last year

I got so lots with all the parents thing no.7 don't understand what who the eff is the parents

Claudia Slime Time - last year

I hate GIGI

milan royal - last year

plus she's a racist

Sohil Khan - last year

Gigi is awesome model😍😍😍😍😍

Sohil Khan - last year

She look supernatural model in universe

Χαραλαμπία Δανασή - 11 months ago

I know all the thinks about her. She is my idol and she is the most beautiful, strong, powerful, funny and clever super model ever!!

gabriela gutierrez - 10 months ago

I love gigi 😍 is perfect

Levan Abramidze - 9 months ago

tank yue Gigi.BC zarbo

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