10 Things You Didn't Know About The Office

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Office

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Office

Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about The Office

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Office

Ash Cartwright - last year

Jim and Pam were not "on again off again." Jim loved Pam and she was engaged to Roy until season 3, then Jim and Pam began dating in season 4 and stayed together the whole time!

Labiba N. - last year

Pam and Jim's relationship was not on and off again.

DNK - last year

John Krasinskis brother lives down the street from me

Autumn T. - last year

“Ven noys, CA” lmao

Marnie Moran - last year

“I’m not superstitious , just a little stitious”
-Michael Scott
I already watched the whole series of the office two times in 1year

A Random Gaming Channel - last year

Narrator:”with a level of secrecy worthy of a Marvel film.

Tom Holland:”Hold my beer”

amelia dori - last year

Jim & Pam didn’t date until season 4.

Chris Garcia - last year

CLICKBAIT!!!!! I knew about number 3

Erin L - last year

You could've given a spoiler alert but ok

Pulse Heltic - last year

Ofc Dwight would apply for the role of Manager 😂 😂 😂

Aiden Davis - last year

GOD, I hate will and grace

Sela Quiniones - last year

When I saw the title I stopped for three seconds. Smiled and then chuckled a little then my face got dark and I said our loud even though I’m home alone right now “try me” and another face is that BJ Novak knew John KRASINSKI in high school

aubrey Aubrey - last year

The office should have never ended point blank

aubrey Aubrey - last year

And I still think Toby was the strangler

Brendon Uries Forehead - last year

Did anyone else have to skip your parts because they weren’t finished with the series??

Dawston films - last year

im here just to see if i know all of this

king jufu - 11 months ago

Every real office fan knows all of this. 100 people have made this exact video. kill yourself

spo nge - 11 months ago

I couldn't imagine the office if it were another actor/tress other than the ones picked

Andres Herrera - 11 months ago

Sad that my fave anime ended

kaz - 11 months ago

dwight's season 3 speech. icon.

Gill Kid - 11 months ago

I cried boys

Bodey Horspool - 11 months ago

Odenkirk actually got to be in the show.

adidasoccer1111 - 11 months ago

I thought these were supposed to be things that I didn't know. Also, a lot of these were only partially true to what they stated.

Gloom's Doom - 11 months ago


STJIMMY 182 - 11 months ago

Yeah the office us may have dwarfed the U.K. version in the us but in the U.K. he U.K. version is one of the most popular shows of all time

Thats what she said - 11 months ago

The last episode on Dwight's wedding at the end .. 😂😂

Dwight- " Michael I can't believe you came "

Michael- " that's what she said "

Spoodermankillz - 11 months ago

He said pam and jims on again off again relationship. before jim transferred to Stamford pam was engaged to Roy soooo they didn't date

Aryan Khatri - 11 months ago

spoiler alert

Norbit Rice - 11 months ago

Has anyone experienced Dwight shrute being surgically altered into a fish person?

Sabaka Piano - 10 months ago

Also a fun fact.The coal mine guy that Michael speaks to on the phone in S01E03 is Creed Bratton.anyone else notice?

Jaden Kauh - 10 months ago

I hope Stanley makes into the 10th season

darika aitimbetova - 10 months ago

gitchee gitchee goo means that i love you

N nOni - 10 months ago

06:16 joker smile. i liked here btw 🙂

Johnny Grant - 10 months ago

On again off again relationship?

to whom it may concern - 9 months ago

Battlestar galactica

Paul Plume - 9 months ago

I'm the guy who quit watching tv after Frasier ended…I missed this entire series. It was great.

Cableguy818 - 9 months ago

Best show ever!!
Like if you agree

ThatPandaBear - 9 months ago

Threat Level Midnight

Vicious Zero - 9 months ago


Mav R - 8 months ago

The 2 didn’t date “again” it was their first time dating after Karen.

Do I put a name here? - 8 months ago

Jim and Pam only dated one time, you fake fan

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