10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

These are the 10 luckiest thrift store and garage sell finds of all time. You never known where you’ll find real life treasure.

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10 Thrift Store Finds That Made People Rich

Garena Free Fire - last month


Ace Clover - last month

You said he bought 14.000 dollars of scrap metal in a different video.

sparky modz - last month

Can someone help me get to 50 subs I have 39 now

sparky modz - last month

Rose's are red violets are blue I liked my own comment and so should you

Supreme Stitch - last month


fishfuxors - last month

This is bullshit. Pay $14,00 for a golden egg then hope to scrap it out for $500? Naaaahhh.

ZeidGho - last month

4:26 it's pound as in weight, not British currency symbol! Lol

Sarah Churchward - last month


Joanna McCleland - last month

She was "pursuing" a flea market? WTF? You literally lost me 34 seconds in…

x2lazy2die - last month

9:52 didnt know they had missles in 1821

Karla Kirkpatrick - last month

I'm hoping to find something  too

Coles - last month

BaerTaffy sounds sick

Sofia Godoy - last month

How exactly do you find a BIG pearl in a thrift shop ? Just saying

Jordan Lessenberry - last month

Knoxville is in Tennessee not Texas…

Wade Wilson - last month

Wait that nigga bought a $1400 egg to make $500 out of it???

Josh R. - last month

I scored an extremely rare Boston cd I dreamed of having off eBay for $5 last month. It's a very scarce cd pressing from 1983 😁

Poke4Ever10 - last month

0:30 pretty sure the script said "perusing"

Dareal Prince - last month

that fisherman was a dumbass fucking idiot

tose22 tose22 - last month

When is my turn to find something rich?

Ham & Eggs - last month


Jonathan Martinez - last month

Omg that’s so cool 😎

Lon Hixson - last month

Wait…a guy buys a Faberge Egg for $14,000 and was planning to melt it down and sell the materials for $500. That's a special kind of stupid right there because anyone with a brain knows what a Faberge Egg is and have an idea just how valuable they are.

As to the fisherman and pearl…"Fisherman received an unspecified amount…" In other words little to nothing.

sysprog1953 - last month

at 2:00 in the video, what is "The Thrid Egg"?

dustin mitchell - last month

On the West point sweater I think you meant the couple was from Knoxville Tennessee because that's the map you're showing in the video is from Tennessee

Malcom Alexander - last month

Get it right! Like the Dollar sign, the Pound sign appears BEFORE the figures! DUH!

Cammdc 1 - last month

I picked up an original painting of an Italian country side for $6 at goodwill.. I don't know who painted it and can't find a signature even though it's like 2½ by 3½ feet but it is definitely an original and definitely worth more than the $6 I paid.. it's a very nice piece of artwork and it's original so for it to only go for $6 is pretty incredible even if it's by a no name artist.. the paint and canvas alone cost more than $6.. Even by a no name artist its probably worth a couple hundred bucks and looks very nice.. Actually, the best Hing about Goodwill is that they are pretty much giving away books for $1-$2.. I got a hard cover of Steven Hawking's "The Universe in a Nutshell" for $1 and a hard cover of "The Art of War and other Chinese philosophy" for $2.. Shakespeare works for .50 cents each among countless other books as well.. It's nice to be able to start building the library for my kids that I never had at pennies on the dollar.. People like to get rid of very nice things for free so I don't mind paying a couple of bucks to reuse them..

Tin Pham - last month

Number -1 Macklemore Thrift Shop Song

Cammdc 1 - last month

.. It's pretty gross to see people like Jackson Pollack's work considered art.. The guy didn't even try and spilt and threw paint everywhere and dumbass people are like "oh wow, very introspective, I'll give you 10 million dollars for that".. people are so dumb to pay for something they can make in 15 minutes in their garage.. Now I can see why people like Michaelangelo and Leonardo Davinci had their work praised.. They actually spent energy and time into making their work good and practiced for years and years.. now a moron can spash some paint on something and call it "modern art" and morons will pay thousands of dollars for it..

AlexandruTha God - last month

This just shows that value is in the eye of the beholder. I, like many of these people don't think most of these objects are worth more than a few dollars, even if they were used/created by famous people.

TennesseeFan 415 - last month

The couple that bought lombardi’s map are from TN. Unless your map is wrong

Tot tota - last month

did you seriously just mistake 75lbs for 75 british pounds?

Sman B - last month

@9:47 what are the tubes on the back of the wagon?

Yautja Prime - last month

Bad move from the teacher about the Pollock. She could've just bought it and found out for herself!

karl partridge - last month

I bought a painting once for 100 bucks and sold it for five bucks

Alejandro Klein - last month

10 ads in this video ?? fuck youtube

Brad Abernethy - last month

# 1..he said persuing a flea market. He meant perusing! Wow.

Karurosu Aguirre - last month

Google .. you thought i for got about you google .. dont get me started with you

Karurosu Aguirre - last month

an your family souls i told you google .. your family is on the line

Karurosu Aguirre - last month

all of them .. good lluck in the after life faggots

Dane Lionheart - last month

#9 a man bought an golden egg for 14.000 dollars in hopes he could melt the egg down and make 500?

Big Country - last month

Guys about the egg I believe the farbege egg was solid gold so if you melted it down you could still make 14-15 thousand

imsleepingbeauty - last month

😄 Keep your eyes peeled people!!! 💰
You'll never know what you'll find when your thrifting. Most people/shops have no idea what they're selling.

Manley Gene - last month

My God you dunce pearls do NOT grow in clams the grow in oysters

Chrissi Roberts - last month

10:35 Hey, FYI, its Knoxville, Tennessee… Lol, just thought I'd let ya know. That's my city…🌃

Mesar Albujeyash - last month

I never melt gold like that egg intell i find out what dos it worth frist

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