10 Times The Pawn Stars Got Scammed

10 Times The Pawn Stars Got Scammed

10 Times The Pawn Stars Got Scammed

From getting scammed to getting unlucky, these are some of the worst deals ever made on the show, Pawn Stars.

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10 Times The Pawn Stars Got Scammed

Hobo Baggins - last month

Does Top Trending reply to comments at all? Just a question

patrick doheney - last month

glad they dont make this show anymore got tired of seeing them rip off people

Alfa Painting - last month

Con artist all .

Dr Faustus - last month

Click-baiting whoreson

Brandon Toad - last month

con man = great business man.

Bioshock Menolly - last month

You do know that Old Man is dead right?

Tommy Van Dame - last month

Dem bitches from icarly

Donald Duck - last month

I cant say pawn shop without someone being a dumbass and saying pOrN sHoP?

Ramen On Wheels - last month

You win some and you lose some

The 23rd Horse - last month

It’s called Gold and Silver and not Silver and Gold pawn shop…get the basics right moron.

thunderson 280 - last month

Newton didnt die in 1927

Merica Freedomland - last month

Well now there is only 2 generations at that pawn shop…..

amanda Derp - last month

Do they not google this stuff first lol that’s why they bring in “experts”

amanda Derp - last month

Issac Newton died in 1727

Respawn Plays - last month

I have the most rare pokemon card

All I can do is 10$

Bonechip - last month

3:27 Vaulted in Trinity College in…. Dublin.
Yes, well I suppose after being alive for 285 years one of England's greatest physicists might be forgiven for going mad and giving his collection to the Irish.
It's Trinity College, Cambridge.
Still, God Bless Isaac Newton 1643 – 1927. Hats off to the researcher for this video.

oliidp - last month

2:55 he died in 1727

Baxter James - last month

I love all this anger at Rick for lowballing and “cheating” people! Know the value of your stuff!! Do some research!! And if it’s ordinary stuff, our policy at Sols was about 10 cents on the dollar and that on what we sell it for, that’s why you can have a new Milwaukee compound mitre saw 12”, retails about 3-400 , I’m giving you 30$, take it or walk, no haggling, that’s for tv.

Ursula Hall - last month

Cool these guys need wake up calls

Ursula Hall - last month

RIP off merchants

Sarah Walton - last month

"Wow! A book from Newton's library on a topic in which we only recently discovered he had an interest! *Best take it to a Las Vegas pawn shop.*"

Brett Ward - last month

I didn’t know Isaac Newton was 400 years old

Alexander Lykke - last month

You motherfucking clickbaiting dumbass cunts

Levi R - last month

they knew that the willi mays jersey wasnt worn in games

Lary Glengarry - last month

The "bad karma" business, appropriate for white trash like this crew.

Syd Clark - last month

Let me get this right. This Willie Mays suit was fake. The seller scammed the shop (knowingly or not, commiting fraud). So the shop knew it was fake, but sold it anyway???? I thought Rick stood behind everything in the shop. Why wasn't he prosecute for fraud/larceny?

wakers wakers - last month

2:57 he said Isaac Newton died in 1927, they didn’t teach you their bullshit well

LodiTX - last month

When you send an item to auction you can set a minimum price. You can tell the auction house you won't accept less than $1000 or whatever. When the item is offered if the bids don't reach that minimum amount the auctioneer states that the minimum set by the seller was not reached and the item is withdrawn.

Joe Cosenza - last month

Bunch of crooks…STAY AWAY

Evan D - last month

R.I.P The Old Man, you will be missed

You_mad bro Add me on fortnite - last month

Old man is dead he can no longer scam people

AllAmerican Rager - last month

You could top ten yourself in the biggest typos, missed opportunities for proof reading, and incorrect numbers and dates at the rate you are going. It’s funny that you rag on people for being unprofessional. (Mistakes not just in this video as well).

XxlargemanxX - last month

Does my heart good to see them get ripped.

Kevin Matthews - last month

I think this voice is a really good robot. mostly sounds like BS

Jack Collins - last month

Anyone notice that he said 800 dollars at around 5:15 but showed 8000 dollars

Isabel Araya - last month

Old man WAS… not IS…

1990cb7 Honda - last month

I’m happy when they get screwed over

Zelany Sáenz M. - last month

I'm pretty sure Isaac Newton didn' die in 1927

Sam Wells - last month

Woman transformation yet mqluce bite holiday airplane choose extremely carrier bold.

Wuqz - last month


Lone Wanderer - last month

Newton died in 1927.

Munozl360 - last month

so rick bought diamonds for 40k that wrre stolen. the guy was cuaght and thrown in jail. howcome they werent able to recouoe the money if the police know who it was?

Mark Giles - last month


kacper - last month

Me ; Rick man I've a gram of serious crushed ecstasy

Rick : the highest Ill go is 5

Howzer The man - last month

Compared to those cunts on hardcore pawn the Harrison’s pay decent money.

The Grxffin - last month

Next video: Top 25 Things Said By Someone On The Sidewalk

XoeOx - last month

That has to be the dumbest thing ever to sell that book for $7,000, especially if it is verified. No way in hell should a person have sold that book even for $20,000.

Get Rekd - last month


Get Rekd - last month

1727 Not 1927……

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