10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

Here are 10 times The Simpsons predicted the future

10 Things You Didn’t Know About SpongeBob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MLZFQdpveI
5 Terrifying Predictions of Real Life Tragedies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDUpuY9UHiE
10 Famous Cartoon Characters Based on Real People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZEwjx9kFNU

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10 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

Delfino Martinez - a couple of years ago

what about how the simpsons predicted the superbowl

ARednecksLife - a couple of years ago

You guys made an error on number 4, that was not Nelson that was Kearney and Jimbo

Mr Grow GT - a couple of years ago

I camebfor the thumbnail so did you cuz it was trump

Nexusreindeer - a couple of years ago

is top tremdimg useing smart pixel when i made a vodeo it said 10:01

Daniel Keem - a couple of years ago

This exact video has been made soo many times already.

FlawlessPro xx - a couple of years ago

Surprised the 9/11 one wasn't on there.

DOCTOR of HUGANOMICSS McDonnell - a couple of years ago

this saved me for going back and seeing scary stuff.Thank You!

Hal White - a couple of years ago

10 times Top Trending used the same Top 10

RYA - a couple of years ago

Check out my music

Mr. M - a couple of years ago

most of these are meh. shit video

Lordzae - a couple of years ago

What about that episode when a plane of Brazilian soccer team players crashed, then it actually happened in 2016.

bruh - a couple of years ago

Top 10 times yt channels recycled old videos from other channels
#10 ^^^^^^^^^^

Darkness Falls - a couple of years ago

At 9:22, The paper that Lisa has. You can see 666…

Karol Clark - a couple of years ago

these channels have already don't this
bla bla
even watchmojo does the same video they did before
some channels post a few top 10's a day
so nearly all of them are done what do you expect?
and if they stopped uploading for a while to find an original idea you'd be pissed that they aren't uploading

Thamscrz Vlogz - a couple of years ago

Another one was the super bowl LI

Snusk Orre - a couple of years ago

Omg so many of these were far fetched.

_S_W_A_T_ - a couple of years ago

Didn't put in the time they predicted 9/11? That's the most famous one IMO

Jake B - a couple of years ago

What you came here for is at 8:49

Savage Scientist - a couple of years ago

For the Trump part this video is about 3 years too late. It should have been aired during the time Trump wanted to see Obamas Birth certificate, now he is getting the same backlash with his TAXRECORD

Andy12 - a couple of years ago

Or, OR, OR, Trump watches The Simpsons…..

theSyd - a couple of years ago

6:50 this has nothing to do with Siri. It was just a joke on the bad writing recognition of the Newton. It was really that bad actually.

xc5647321 xc5647321 - a couple of years ago

This is proof that someone from the future is getting the word out by way of a TV cartoon. πŸ™‚

creeperexplosion 26 - a couple of years ago

donald trump is a bitch

richard that person u don't know - a couple of years ago

find the πŸ˜‘

Marquis Dwyer - a couple of years ago

you forgot the 911 one that one is crazy

Be Not Deceived - a couple of years ago

Or how about 1 out of the tons of shows controlled by free masons?

Pedro Afonso Paraty - a couple of years ago

simpsons predicted the future or people just copy simpsons…

Arsalan Hassan - a couple of years ago

OMG! did they predict future????

The Bob Duncan Experience - last year

That Obama thing is freaky

ashley i - last year

didn't even mention my two faves, the one where they predict trump and 9/11

Anchy - last year

They didn't predict Trump. The Simpson lovers made Trump

Idfc B*tch - last year

They missed the biggest and lost terrifying one ever… in one episode of the simpsons you can se a pictures of the twin towers being under attack and falling years before it actually happens… that one really made me chills

Ryan Borger - last year

When you said Nelson in the hockey seen it was actually dalph

Ezequiel Zubko - last year

theres actually a yard work simulator in vr…

- - - last year

Could you make " 10 times the Simpsons predicted the future wrong"?

chickdove - last year

My god, killing snakes for money, why don't you just import the ones you find back to where they came from, that's a bright idea. An invasive or not, better than an extinct species. Yes, I know about invasive species and the damage they can cause, but humans brought then there in the first place, so they should try actually fixing it instead of just killing away their problems.

Leilani Hidea - 10 months ago

looks like we need the simpsons to predict the future of who when the earth will be gone

Ricky Hilder - 8 months ago

Wacking day is just like what happened in Idaho with Jack rabbits

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