10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

Here are 10 video game easter eggs that took years and in some cases decades to find.

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10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

Brave Fencer - a few months ago

god I hate morons, End last boss lol, really, try doing just a little bit of research before you become a joke meme

Logan Gathercole - a few months ago

that game definitely cost more than kieran made off this vid

Pop Off - a few months ago

Love how they mention the easter egg that gives a different announcer that insults and dont play a single soundclip to let us hear it

David Safer - a few months ago

Ready Player One..

Michael Bristow - a few months ago

Ha, I didn't realise that old guy was the final boss. I've only played through MGS3 once and snipered him in that scene!

Kapunology - a few months ago

GTA 5 BIGFOOT PEYOTE EASTEREGG wasn't solved after 3 years.. the EasterEgg was Added within that same Month of Update.

Kapunology - a few months ago

I solved the Mike Tyson Easter Egg

IdealistTCO - a few months ago

O.M.G that Bald Bull easter egg! That one fight was straight childhood rage and now like 25 years later I find out there was a tell that was that hard to notice.

Liviu B - a few months ago

So GTA and a bunch of old shit nobody plays…very unrelevant, if any took 10 years to find its just cause we we’re 5 when the games came out.

U’r an idiot, face it!

Liviu B - a few months ago

exagerated to get his lame YT channel a boost

100 subscribers without a video? - a few months ago

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AM - a few months ago

30 years? That was common knowledge on Bald Bull back in the 80’s – don’t reach.

STALKER Player - a few months ago

You think that UFO is easter EGG?

smileandlaughs - a few months ago

Claimed it. Thanks! I got so many games from your videos.

Bodenator - a few months ago

Master hand is not unbeatable I beat him when I was 8

Arcklez - a few months ago

The goldeneye one is completely wrong. In the audio he is talking about a cut island which is the island on the first mission DAM which is tiny…but the video is actually showing a cut/unused version of the mission CITADEL. How on earth did they mix these two things up?

Darth Maul - a few months ago

imagine that the thing under the eiffel tower is just a piece of paper with the developer's initials

ẘἶɕƙἔȡ ḣἔ ɓǻȡ - a few months ago

I like these vids keep it up

Shelby Mayes - a few months ago

dude, the wooden boxes one… my birthday is August 1st :0

PeaTearGryfin - a few months ago

"[MGS3]'s final boss battle is an epic confrontation between protagonist Solid Snake and The End"
Wow! There is so much wrong with that sentence. It's weird, when I played MGS3, my final fight was against The Boss, mento to protagonist Naked Snake aka Big Boss, who had defected from the United States to Russia as part of a ploy by the US government to locate The Philosopher's Legacy, a $100 billion fund left behind by a group of powerful men who secretly controlled the world's governments. In fact, there were so many other fights that happened after I fought the end. I fought a flamethrower guy, a guy who brought me into a weird dream sequence, and a guy who controlled bees. On top of that, I weirdly remember that game taking place in the 1960s, at least 10 years prior to the Les Enfants Terribles project that even created Solid Snake.

Outcast - a few months ago

The MGS Easter egg was funny

Cam Pimpy - a few months ago

I wonder what the keys are for

Lambda - a few months ago

Half-Life Decay?
Took 15 years to find the easter egg…
By shooting the button at the beginning
Only in the NA release…

I'm bored

A. Mc - a few months ago

The camera flash in Punch Out might just be a coincidence.

travis23doyle - a few months ago

Final boss battle of mgs3 is not the end @3:14 this whole video is now just lies

DRUNK GAMER - a few months ago

lol @ easter eggs ya nerds

wEskER IS teLePOrtINg - a few months ago

downvoted for clickbait thumbnail

ewanok - a few months ago

"Since it's discover it has become an urban legend" – I don't think you know what an urban legend is.

redroversk - a few months ago

This whole video is designed to troll gamers witn inaccurate information, I would report it as misleading if I even cared

MAX - a few months ago

Playing as master hand and 007 we’re both glitches, Not Easter eggs!

justin girard - a few months ago

splinter cell* not seals . dumbass

TheDymed - a few months ago

I don't even know how to express how I feel about how wrong the MGS3 section is. It made my brain tense processing the words I was hearing that I think I just grew a tumor.

AcidGlow - a few months ago

They run around in utter madness… Sounds like a bad marriage. ✅🙂

Atom Storm - a few months ago

the peyote plants were added for next gen. You are full of shit.

Remi Temmos - a few months ago

BS, I played MGS3 on release and just a few weeks later we all knew about the date trick!

Harry Murray - a few months ago

Metal Gear Solid 3, the ''End'' is the final boss? That's new to me… have these morons even played the game? Jesus Christ! He's not even close to being the final boss!

J Chaney - a few months ago

#1 can't they just adjust date?

rawketboosters - a few months ago

Call Apogee say aardwolf

Its Gwen - a few months ago

That's literally note from note The Mass Effect 2 suicide mission theme. That's stolen copyrighted material lmao.

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