10 Weirdest Foods That People Actually Eat

10 Weirdest Foods That People Actually Eat

10 Weirdest Foods That People Actually Eat

Here are the 10 weirdest and most bizarre dishes from around the world.

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10 Weirdest Foods That People Actually Eat

Samara Weaving - last year

No wonder why hospitals are full of ill pricks !!

I Who Carry - last year

I eat ass is that nasty??

Rynishia Lewis - last year


Rajiv Kishore - last year

I hate the taste of blood, my mom makes goat liver with goat blood, good for recovery and high iron content. Usually served to women after pregnancy, tastes like rusting iron.

I do love goat brain though :3

P.S. I have lots of veggies too.

Luan Sidadolog - last year

ill eat themm all

Dr-Amy Gamer - last year


Midnight Wolf - last year

If I scream seeing a tarantula,or even getting near it,how in this world would I eat one??


Random UserPerson - last year

Sup Baer!

johnnyXx4321 - last year

why is a hawaiian pizza not on this list

Frost Bitez - last year

I'll try to eat most of these but not all, Def not all

Brick Wall - last year

Im a pinoy and I LOVE DINUGUAN!

Harry Htet - last year

Stargaze Pie isnt that bad…I tried before,It was F**CKING DELICIOUS!

If Only - last year

Once again an American dude judging the rest of the world. If only you knew what goes into all that processed food you enjoy so much !!!

Aryan Uchiha - last year

Just because you aren’t from that culture gives you no right to call their food disgusting.

Ms Medieval - last year

The stargaze pie doesn't sound so bad. You just pull out the head + tail and you got a regular fish pie. It just looks weird with the heads sticking out of the crust.

UncleJackOnline - last year

id try any of those…except mebbe number 6

Yoyogo theguy - last year

The things I found disgusting are the Casu marzu , Shirako, Muktuk, Tuna eyeballs and Fried tarantulas.

Mannequin - last year

Yeah… its not *disgusting. Maybe disturbing? Or weirdest foods. But these cultural dishes are not disgusting. Change your title, man.

Eliana DeYoung - last year

I screamed when I saw the spiders💀😂

Bahaa Mohd - last year

Wtf is wrong with people? Before you know it they'll be serving penis balls

JMOF 04 - last year

I live in Mexico and ant eggs calles “escamoles” are delicious they taste like butter and are really good not gross at all

JMOF 04 - last year

Huitlacoche tastes pretty good and they make tortillas with them

Johnny Trinh - last year

Disrespectful towards people’s cultures.

👑maliiLuvv👑 - last year

#1 linh asmr

Opal - Blue - last year

No Balut or Century Egg? Surprised I am.

Bronze - last year

Most of this isn't even that weird.

Alexander - last year

Fried butter???

NickPocalypse - last year

The food in the thumbnail is basically duck fetus. I’m from Vietnam and I ate that often and it’s delicious for my taste. Disappointing how this video didn’t mention it.

Bigga Than Life - last year

Weird people = I want a pet spider
My people = See's spider gets scared whole house turns into a war zone until it's dead or See's huge spider stomps the shiii out of it

I seen a black wido spider not sure if I spell it right but I jumped so hard plus it starts running I jumped to so far right on top of it
PS F**K spiders

Bogoyle - last year

We tried surstrommen, omg it was disgusting, vomit everywhere🤮

Miguel Diaz - last year

oh hell nah that Mexican fungus food is fake don’t believe him

Maestro Jack Slappy - last year

People will eat anything. I don't think billy goats will eat spiders. Jesus.

Lethargic Star - last year

I’m surprised to not see balut

Fizleshotz - last year

i like eat fish eye balls

Johnson Nyirenda - 11 months ago

2:426:45 where's the background music from?

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