10 World Records That Will NEVER Be Broken

10 World Records That Will NEVER Be Broken

10 World Records That Will NEVER Be Broken

Here is our list of Guinness world records and sports records that will never be broken, ever, probably.

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10 World Records That Will NEVER Be Broken

synl 88 - a few months ago

Love your thumbnail. You have 4.1 million subscribers and you use click bait Unsubscribe from me

RyanTheAnimator - Animation & More! - a few months ago

Umm… title said 10 but after a few seconds of the video it said 11…

king Ammo - a few months ago

Number 7 is just a cunt

WHAT IS MY LIFE Productions - a few months ago

3:41 thrice 😂

Denny Hanley - a few months ago

@5:00 the cause of his death is still widely speculated…
gee, could it be a blown out sphincter??

PeiPeiPlayz 24 - a few months ago

8:36 ok….

Abimehlec De Borja - a few months ago

Roses are red…
Violets are blue…
I got clickbaited…
And so do you …

Shitty Name - a few months ago

Number 6 is almost as big as yo momma.

Muser4Life - a few months ago

3:22 and he's a priest! Amazing.

Crumbsnatcher - a few months ago

Title says 10 records.0 37-0 42 says 11 records…..??? Yeah…..wheres the hot dog guy in the pic?

Jim Ellison - a few months ago


The Slayer1799 - a few months ago

He said on the title 10 Records that well never be broken not 11

Tom Gold - a few months ago

Challenge accepted

MD Studios - a few months ago


Palatchuk - a few months ago

Pretty ballsy to sue a pope that has been dead for 260 years.

rare L - a few months ago


J.C.WOLF - a few months ago

Sue-per-man is a super pointless fuck

Alex Pyndus - a few months ago

(#7) omg imagine if he sued every youtube channel for making videos if someone where to do that that would probably be the only way you can beat him…EVER!!!!! O_O :O

this is the wolf - a few months ago

4000 pushups a day and still looks fat

Slayer Slayer - a few months ago

10? 11?

michael patterson - a few months ago

he way americans can wrongly say a french word, manger tout isn't that hard to pronounce

Kombos 2k - a few months ago

i got the record for most fortnite wins

Darth Star Killer - a few months ago

1: Your Mom sleeping with the most amount of 12 year olds over Xbox live/PSN

helder skelter - a few months ago

9/11 was the worst attack on human kind… according to most americans. They not remember them nukes they dropped then😒

John Paul Scheese - a few months ago

Pope Benedict the fourteenth reigned from 1740-1758. There was no USA. Get your numbers right, Mr. Clickbait

Alex McCarley - a few months ago

Umm.. why did you say 3 wrong?

P_R_O FAN - a few months ago

I can't even do one 2-handed push up

Hi Everyone. - a few months ago

Michael Phelps was on illigal substances.

Geeky Spartan - a few months ago

Great video

Lemmon714 - a few months ago

Thx for mentioning the metric System

Alex_ander - a couple of months ago

misleading title. said 10 world records but he listed 11.


Lee Neale - a couple of months ago

im working on the most faps in one day……phuh at 48 I havent managed one yet :/

iAsbestos - a couple of months ago

Challenge accepted.

Michael Ullery - a couple of months ago

All bullshit

Pugs Heheeh - a couple of months ago

theres only one explanation on how that dude survived that tornado thing. he used a bounce pad

Matt Morrison - a couple of months ago

:02 Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.

DJ Lilly - a couple of months ago

Bitch these are breakable

Mighty Waffle - a couple of months ago

Wait so the population of the entire planet is about 8 Billion people, how did 110 Billion people survive atomic blasts???

Logan Haber - a couple of months ago

Maybe we should sue for being clickbaited, Lol

JakeGamerz - a couple of months ago

Roes are red Violets are blue there is 7.1billion people in the world

Kevin Raffel - a couple of months ago


GENGHIS KHAN JR. III - a couple of months ago

Click bait 🤪

ツ Innocentツ - a couple of months ago

the guy at 3:30 deserves a medal for being the unluckiest guy alive

Lalo Avila - a couple of months ago

In the 7th that looks exacly like my teacher from second grade.

Milo Asbridge - a couple of months ago

I’m gonna come to yah house and shank yo nan

bigbossNICK8 live - a couple of months ago

I can't even do 1 regular push up lol

Shitty Name - last month

Surprise the guy who got struck by lighting 7 times didn't become the flash

Jim Thomas - last month

never say never

Puggles - last month

I downvote all your videos regardless, because of the clickbait.

RedGamez - last month

(referenced to the fourth one)
hmmm i wonder why 7 times……

because the 7 is the maximum number of every thing

wait only italians will get this

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