10 Youngest Kids Who Were Sentenced To Prison

10 Youngest Kids Who Were Sentenced To Prison

10 Youngest Kids Who Were Sentenced To Prison

Here are the top 10 worst child criminals of all time!

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10 Youngest Kids Who Were Sentenced To Prison

Edward Piner - 7 months ago

If you kill someone you should be shot dead .

adel gagaa - 7 months ago

الحمدلله علا نعمت السلام

Mason Derr - 7 months ago

Next year that bitch might be getting out

JAAAY EMPIRE - 7 months ago

Bruh that rape one dam fagot ass I hope he rot in jail by his self

hecc gang - 7 months ago

dude this channel has died rapidly

JusticeGraceful - 7 months ago

Any legal system that would even consider letting a certified school shooter out on parole one day is a legal system that is broken beyond comprehension and in desperate need of replacement. Such an extreme amount of stupidity, greed and power combined is literally what is destroying the very world we live in.

Gerardo Hernandez - 7 months ago

Video games don’t cause ppl to kill or hurt someone..I been playing violent games since I was 5 and now I’m 27..how many ppl have I hurt or killed? 0…so don’t blame the games

Poor Coyote - 7 months ago

Yeah blame the video games for the 9. How about a spoonful of fuck you? If you don't teach your kids any morals and how money works, they will get mad over materia. I got slapped for being a whiny retard and I can totally agree to my parents with those moments that I acted like a little shit. Nobody has nerves for it, but there has to be something wrong in the kids head if it escalates so radically, healthy and stable human doesn't kill an another human without being trained to do so (soldiers), or in a survival situation. Video games ain't the thing to blame or then I'm just fucking weird as I've not killed anyone after thousands of hours of playing.

Dorian B - 7 months ago

That comment about video games being the potential cause of violent behavior is stupid

Rebecca Higgins - 7 months ago

Oh my gosh 2019 is next year!! What if she gets out and kills more people???

Luc Tran - 7 months ago

Damn Canada have some lousy sentences for murders

Senada Pasic - 7 months ago

I don't think an eleven needs to pay for his actions if he's living out a trauma. He needs help.

dangkhang Dinh - 7 months ago

3:09 who the fuck gave a gun to their child on birthday A SNIPER !!!

Katie J. - 7 months ago


Nasur Akhtar - 7 months ago

Alice Cooper is heavy metal?!

Kristine Lauvrak - 7 months ago

These poor kids need help, not prison time. 🙁

Danny Green - 7 months ago


mrben- joseph - 7 months ago

Ive played some of the most violent games and I'm perfectly fine.

Anahi Luna - 7 months ago

2019 is nearly here. Let's hope that phsyco girl doesn't get to leave.

KarmasLighting - 7 months ago

you did it cause you're gay

Mert - 7 months ago

I thought this was MostAmazingTop10

Giannis Grigoriadis - 7 months ago

2mins silence for the victims😥😥😥

Alexis Petersson - 7 months ago

Haven’t you had a video like this like 3 times before?

riot650 - 7 months ago

i will never understand this "video games causes violence" trash… if the kids see some1 in a game kill someone than desides to kill someone thats there fault not the games its no different than movies but you never hear "movies cause violence" that one kid litterally killed some1 after waching saw…. ALSO theres ratings on games for a reason if some 15 year old kills someone cause they played gta thats not the games fault …. its the stupid parents fault for buying them the game in the first place and if that kid kills there parents for NOT getting them a ps4 than how is that the consoles fault? thats like saying "my mom didnt buy me candy so i killed her" is that the candys fault now?

Itzbanana - 7 months ago

Canadians are nice but some are Americans Canadians have good education

DajDan Boi - 7 months ago

This is fucking horrible

Kyle Miller - 7 months ago

All those other kids didn’t play video games. And people have been murdering since the beginning of time and video games have only existed for like sixty or so years. And … apparently you have to poor to be a murderer. Thanks. I wasn’t aware, assholes.

SAMANTHA JUAREZ - 7 months ago

4 year why they should get more 50

XxFerexX - 6 months ago

‘Alice Cooper’ …..RIVERDALE?!

Dark Grimz - 6 months ago

Know how its all white people, Black people only do that if they, beef or some at least something to kill someone over.

X_Jimmy11 - 6 months ago


Aphrodite Widows - 6 months ago

What if one of these people were yo friends would you still love them

Hunter Rodriguez - 6 months ago

I live in Utah

habalula15 - 6 months ago

nr9: 4 year old killed his dad with the parents gun because he didnt buy him a ps4, "this could be a warning to parents holding off buying video, since there is a potential they will reenact that behaviour" WUT?? you throw a facking gun on your bed after shower just to do what?? put some cloths on? WHAT WAS THE GUN DOING IN A PLACE WHERE A 4 FACKING YEAR OLD KID CAN GRAB IT AND WHY IS IT LOADED WHERE IS THE SAFETY ON THE GUN? may i burn in hell some day but that dad deserved to die, or atleast NOT being a parent. just be happy the kid didnt threaten his mom or sister

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