12 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

12 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

12 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Here are inspiring 12 stories showing some of the good that goes on in this world.

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12 True Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

e.g John - 3 weeks ago

for me .. worst kind of human beings is you tubers helping homeless people for views. and there are so many of them

Fl0w - 3 weeks ago

Rahat guy ended up stealing all the money lmao. Fucking scumbag 😡😡

Ihtisham Ul Haq - 3 weeks ago

This was one of your best video.Thanks

JAAAY EMPIRE - 3 weeks ago

That dog one touched me and the taxi driver 😭🚫🧢

André Pivré - 3 weeks ago

This is what we can do, truly amazing.

sazzdz - 3 weeks ago

I'm struggling to be all happy and thankful when you just showed a dog being boiled alive…bit of a heads up would've been appreciated 😭

Exotic Gamer - 3 weeks ago

After number 2 my heart melted that was really nice and my faith in humanity is definitely restored

Estefany Pineda - 3 weeks ago


Exotic Gamer - 3 weeks ago

That dog festival thing punched me right in the heart

XCaliber - 3 weeks ago

Next title: 10 videos that will derestore your faith in humanity

Vegana Marley - 3 weeks ago

So who is here cutting ONIONS ?

WickedIndian - 3 weeks ago

Humanity ♥️

ImperialZorn - 3 weeks ago

6:48 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Pman PAAZ - 3 weeks ago

Manny pacquiao could give every homeless person in the world a home and i would still hate him the man is a homophobic dick bag that openly stated he hates gay marriage he is not a kind man every other story in this video was very moving though 😀

bruh - 3 weeks ago

#12 this is what happens when you're a dumbass that can't board public transit properly.

bruh - 3 weeks ago

#11 plenty of other homeless people out there – go do more for them as well instead of being selective. Heres another idea. Why don't you do it without filming yourself? What a crock of shit. Youtubers are parasitic pieces of shit. It was all for views and revenue.

Codelexx - 3 weeks ago

Hey can you put a graphic content warning before showing the dog footage? That messed me up alittle

Elizabeth Tore - 3 weeks ago

Wtg people 😁

Aaron Ellis - 3 weeks ago

Sad that there's more videos about fortnite rather than about this.

Mae Borowski - 3 weeks ago

you can't have your faith in humanity restored if you never had it to begin with

Hampus D - 3 weeks ago

This is what i needed =)

K9boxing - 3 weeks ago

Love the story of the homeless man👍

Oneil Martin - 3 weeks ago

Beg you a donation

Happy Birthday - 3 weeks ago

Didn’t even need to watch the video, the fact you found 12 of them already brightened up my day

ren lee - 3 weeks ago

Why give 40 million to cancer when THEY DONT CURE CANCER

Noel kirkegaard - 3 weeks ago

You fuckin peace off shit, All you people that fucking kill dogs can fucking Die in Hell

insert name - 3 weeks ago

Are any of these the star wars prequels are a joke

David Kelling - 3 weeks ago

Don't film giving to Holmes good deeds go silence

Adam Green - 3 weeks ago

I would like the dog festival to swap around and let dogs watch humans boil alive instead just for karma sake,fucking savages why can’t they eat normal food.

Raymond Tracer - 3 weeks ago

I don't like how he cut down the dog but then didn't remove the rope around the dogs neck, it still could've been really tight and the dog could've suffocated while he was transporting it.

Cod Craziness - 3 weeks ago

We can do it . Humans are amazing

Danny O’Flanagan - 3 weeks ago

America turned away Jewish refugees now make movies about how great they were in the world war 2 WTF! They entered in 43 that’s 4 years after it started,they didn’t care what the Nazis were doing to people,only when there interests were disturbed did they join(Pearl Harbour } DISGUSTING thank god the Russians beat Hitler

Bumphrey - 3 weeks ago

People shouldn't be eating dogs in the first place. I can't imagine they taste good alone. Let alone having pets boiled alive because of a fucking shitty-ass festival.

J. A. - 3 weeks ago

It would be nice to hear Stuff like this on the news every now and then instead of ALL the bad Stuff. 😊

Angel Navarro - 3 weeks ago

If you eat dogs…..i will rip your fucking throat out with my bare fucking hands

Yoshie Gamer - 3 weeks ago

Yo wtf how is China not being held accountable? What the duck kind of bullshit ass tradition is this fucking garbage fucking Chinese people I’m really starting to hate their culture entirely, sorry Chinese brothers but that’s how I’m feeling right now.

24/7 Army - 3 weeks ago

im crying T^T

Kotoba - 3 weeks ago

I don't like how they added the video of that dog being boiled alive. It really breaks my heart as a dog owner, I wish they would not add this into the video.

Swaggy P - 3 weeks ago

6:50 absolutely disgusting that you even used that clip in this. Should be taken down off youtube

Lynn Nguyen - 3 weeks ago

5:55 why did you use a picture of African slums rather than Asian slums?

Shailesh Godiyal - 3 weeks ago

People who do such thing with an innosent life is inhuman china or any people who do such horrifying act should be wiped off from this planet………..

Greg - 3 weeks ago

The dog being boiled alive was horrifying

Mr George - 3 weeks ago

Why show the dog being cooked alive man?? Fucken ruined this video…

Janthdanl - 3 weeks ago

I’m not one of those crazy vegan guys and I love meat myself but Jesus fucking Christ that dog boiling alive will stick in my memory forever

Janthdanl - 3 weeks ago

This video:
cool awesome things
cheery music
* ⱽᶦᵈᵉᵒ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᵈᵒᵍ ᵇᵉᶦⁿᵍ ᵇᵒᶦˡᵉᵈ ᵃˡᶦᵛᵉ*
humans being awesome

Daniel Green - 3 weeks ago

unsubscribed – showing a dog being boiled alive with no graphic content warnings.

sammyjh559 - 3 weeks ago

That dog being boiled alive was really fucked up to put in a "restore faith in humanity" video…not cool at all

Communist_ Conqueror - 3 weeks ago

Maybe give us a warning before showing us the dog in boiling water

TheCheerioGoat ! - 3 weeks ago



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