15 Everyday Symbols You Didn't Know The Meaning Of

15 Everyday Symbols You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of

15 Everyday Symbols You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of

We take a look at some of the most recognizable symbols, icons and logos that you probably didn’t the meaning/origins of.

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10 Everyday Symbols You Didn’t Know The Meaning Of

Dx Loonacy - 9 months ago

Number 5 more like the dele challenge

loscar 343 - 9 months ago

The swastika will make the video demonized, unfortunately, this is a good video. Though

Jeff Gates - 9 months ago

The black dot and white dot in both colour of yin yang (white dot in black colour ) means even though a thing, group or person is bad but it still have good or positive values in it while black dot in white colour means although a thing, group or person looks good but it still have negative or bad things in it.

Jake Berango - 9 months ago

They put the male and female gender symbols in the thumbnail. *triggers feminists*

yurpaderp - 9 months ago

I like how they're used to differentiate restrooms….. Oh no no no no…. Let me correct you. They differentiate gender. Don't be dumb now

Allison Winch - 9 months ago

Venus was actually a Roman Goddess. You were thinking of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Danny O’Flanagan - 9 months ago

The Apple explanation isn’t true. When Steve Knobs was asked was it inspired by Turing he said NO but he wished it had been. Google it

Randy Schartiger - 9 months ago

I always wondered what some of that stuff represented, thanks for a great explanation!

50PullUps - 9 months ago

#1 is bullshit. Not true at all.

Rekkn_ - 9 months ago

Super interesting, thanks

CallMeSky - 9 months ago

Kinda sad your channel only gets about 10,000 views with 4.1M subs

Amit Sharma - 9 months ago

I think too hurry…. will catch u later….

Peteng 13 - 9 months ago

8:06 Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher and not Roman. His most popular phrase was the “everything flows”.

Tide Pods - 9 months ago

The swastika explanation is mind blowing

Mr.TappyDots - 9 months ago

The story about apples logo being inspired by the story of Allen Turring is false, the logo designer made it publicly known that he just liked the rainbow bitten apple design, nothing to do with Turring

turner pike - 9 months ago

Well then my school really needs to change it's teachings about what the male and female symbols mean. My school told me that the female symbol was a woman holding a baby and the male symbol was an aroused man. That is for real what they told me in school.

SirkkMeister - 9 months ago

give it a rest, the nazis where bad, but the communists were worse, and yet their flag is flown as a symbol of tolerance

Ultraviolence Del Rey - 9 months ago

Anyone else see the A Perfect Circle album?

Willie Lazo - 9 months ago

This shit channel needs to stop fucking posting

Luke A - 9 months ago

Take this information with a pinch of salt and do research of your own

Blair Sinclair - 9 months ago

Sooo we arent gonna talk about Harry Clittus?

MLJ Family - 9 months ago

Hello friend👋 nice video sending much love and happiness and many blessings😊👏🙏👍

JenzVidz - 9 months ago

7:18 GOTEEM!!

Peter Moore - 9 months ago

Venus is roman. The Greek one is Aphrodite

Whiplash00Trasher - 9 months ago

1.) The Apple story was circling around for a long time and then was revoked as untrue.
2.) Venus is a Roman goddess, not a Greek one.
3.) There's no such thing as a "Roman language" – the language of the Romans was Latin. There's old Latin, vulgar Latin, classical Latin and probably a couple more, but there's no Roman.
4.) Heraclides is a Greek philosopher not a Roman one
5.) Hand gestures (such as the "OK" one) don't have a universal origin or use. They're not symbols as such since they primarily depend on cultures, people and the entire concept of body language.
6.) A trident was never actively used as a "good weapon", it was the symbol of Neptune/Poseidon and was given to gladiators. That's it, it was actually considered pretty impractical for combat – so they used spears.

Check the information you're posting. You're supposed to do research on the information that you'll post and there's at least 6 obvious mistakes that a viewer can find without looking into it. Especially so since you're a "list-of-facts" type of channel.

J Smith - 9 months ago

so after all it's true when they say Greeks invented everything

Stavros Chloros-Samuelian - 9 months ago

Is it just me of the Gucci one was far from the subject o.O

Yea Ok - 9 months ago

talk so fast i had to slow it down lol

macbros - 9 months ago

I heard that the peace sign is actually a Dove's foot. Since a Dove is a symbol of peace. Makes more sense than what you said IMO.

Warkupo - 9 months ago

It's a penis

George Karter - 9 months ago

Greece is everywhere 🇬🇷😛

Zed - 9 months ago

Fuck yeah Gucci Gang skrrt

Level Z - 9 months ago

👌the facts of all facts👌

Sirake - 9 months ago

8:11 Dat Age of Mythology, tho

maxdrags3 - 9 months ago

Wow, this was a REALLY informative video.
Thank You!

Jack Murphy - 9 months ago

Jesus Christ, this channel is dying

lanigirognithemos - 9 months ago

Wouldn't estrogen make you gayer? I think you need testosterone to be more "manly"

tiny kass - 9 months ago

Venus isn’t Greek. She’s Roman.
Maybe you should make a video on that.

Kelsey Wilkerson - 9 months ago

0:42 Post Malone is that you?!

Deena K - 9 months ago

While I love your voice in all your videos. In this one seemed to be speaking really fast. I would prefer a normal set voice. Just saying.

JC Liu - 9 months ago

Am i the only one who thought the USB symbol was seen the other way around so never saw it as a trident

Arson Bjork - 9 months ago

None of this is true

Big Bird - 9 months ago


Like Nike - 9 months ago

There’s only one goddess of love,beauty,fertility… Aphrodite and not Venus! Romans just took and changed the name of the gods/goddess(s) 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ankur Kini - 9 months ago

the swastika even now in asia means nothing other than goodwill and religious symbol

J Gallagher - 8 months ago

LOL…the interpretation of the male and female symbols in this video have been sanitized. They represent the male and female sexual anatomy, and were then generalized to Mars & Venus later.

Tech Riches - 8 months ago

Unexpected Meaning – Really Impressive

Henning Olsen - 8 months ago

Nazism not facsism

abdi1983 - 8 months ago

6 billion a year? wtf

Jay D. Anderson - 8 months ago

Are you sure? I had read somewhere that the peace symbol was actually a chicken footprint in a circle. Nike "Swoosh" no represents treason.

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