15 Gadgets That Will Give You Real Superpowers

15 Gadgets That Will Give You Real Superpowers

15 Gadgets That Will Give You Real Superpowers

These inventions will make you a real life super hero and give you incredible powers.

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15 Gadgets That Will Give You Real Superpowers

blamedsnake 6576 - a few months ago


Savage Gods - a few months ago

6th please like

Jacob Sutton - a few months ago

Welp time to like my own comment agian😞

Condy - a few months ago

Did I have a stroke at around 1:08?

JHF Undamed - a few months ago


eDDy L - a few months ago

00:49 hulk doges no bullets!
own a suit like john wyck

Danny The penguin - a few months ago

You really wanted to hit that 10 minute mark huh?

joel morales - a few months ago

When you wanna be bulletproof but you wanna look classy at the same time

Beyond Facts - a few months ago

There's a problem with the audio at 1:08. Easter egg

Beyond Facts - a few months ago

7:00 gundam has begun

kayden edgar - a few months ago

8:38 that’s a green screen bro

JudyRChung - a few months ago

Just a My hero academia fan passing by

Timothy Avery - a few months ago

I bet the pvac loses suction after a few uses. .

Colton Etue - a few months ago

1:50 "bend your wist forward"

Benthebowtieguy - a few months ago

"If you're a fan of Batman, this is the golf cart for you" haha.

andrew becker - a few months ago

Did you not even watch this before you published it?

StoryKillinger - a few months ago

Guys, this shit is so badly written, I don't want to hear another one of your videos ever.
Good god.

Der heilige Geist - a few months ago

the MYO braclet is garbage
doesn't work nearly as good as shown in there videos and is't reliable at all.

[-Psycho-] - a few months ago

Titanfall 2?

Sleavf - a few months ago

shout out vat19 on the pyroshooter

Diego Pansini - a few months ago

bulletproof suit, like fisk, nice

Robert Tomiste - a few months ago

You relise the second one is a greenscreen?

Sim - a few months ago

thumbnail is Unbox Therapy smh

Robo Nugget - a few months ago

5:10 cheating in hide and go seek

Irrelevant Fuck - a few months ago

Fuck you, because of the thumbnail I thought it was unboxtherapy.

Blue Dude - a few months ago

Man I like Gadgets I wanna make my own items and Gadgets just in case I get in a situation I can use these items and Gadgets to my advantage. I might just start making one now, and it can be my treasures only I can have.

Daniel Jamorabon - a few months ago

How would you pull of the suction cups to climb the wall if they they powerful

GameMaster Sniperbro990 - a few months ago

Why would you be a superhero while you can be a superloser im real life?

King Vagabond - a few months ago

They had the giant robot battle over a year ago. It's on youtube. It's a shame that it went unnoticed for alot of people. The video is called "THE GIANT ROBOT DUEL"

Yhom Gutierrez - a few months ago

That a lie it is just a tracking de Vice Trump stepson is behind all that b*****

Hobnob 007 - a few months ago

shame, Used to enjoy your vids. But now all you do is ram it with ads and force it to stretch over 10 mins

•Oriaj415 • - a few months ago

You can’t dodge bullets if you get shot dumbass

Sasha Whitefur - a few months ago

More data is needed, who makes them and what is the URL?

Maestro Jack Slappy - a few months ago

Cool stuff I'll never need.

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