25 Strangest Last Words of Death Row Inmates

25 Strangest Last Words of Death Row Inmates

25 Strangest Last Words of Death Row Inmates

These are the final words of some of the most notorious criminals ever to face death row or execution.

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25 Strangest Last Words of Death Row Inmates

Kuwi Messenger - 6 months ago

2:57 When religious people were put in power of a colony, they did everything to hold onto that power, false accusations that were definitely unholy, kept these "holy men" and judges in charge, fear mongering the public. Sarah Good is in heaven, and those judges are in hell, as well as the other bigots, and even the children who lied, the children who lied were sent to "Holy Hell", a juvey for delinquent younger souls.

The series of Elements - 6 months ago

I would have said I know I know if you kill me now you won’t know them…………

80's Lady - 6 months ago

It should of been a question to the warden followed by a statement. Ask your wife if it was good for her? Tell her it was damn fine for me! That would of made the front page, and gave them something to really remember you by. Journalists and reporters would of been tripping over each other to report first.

Choctawnic - 6 months ago

No. 23 is not strange, lol. Oo

CarRoy - 6 months ago

6699 views tho

Anime Kill - 6 months ago

#22 said before death that he has found peace with JESUS CHRIST yes thats true JESUS is GOD 🙂 he even died for our sins on the cross. Seek him today he is the savior of mankind :).

BrazyBoyLupe - 6 months ago

Happy new years!! from Nz

Hinomoto - 6 months ago

I would have been like “My ancestors are smiling upon me, imperials! can you say the same?!”

xStrictly - 6 months ago

69's name in prision will be skittles

GДLДЖУФMΞGД - 6 months ago

My sister boyfriends a child killer he got sentenced to 20 years for killing a cops daughter.

DurexDurpaneu2 - 6 months ago

Potato, potato, potato!

FutureCars - 6 months ago

1:53 looks like maverick viniales motogp rider

IAmTheBigDogOfThisYard - 6 months ago

Executed for robbing a train?

IAmTheBigDogOfThisYard - 6 months ago

I don't blame Jeffrey for killing a cop. Cops in this day and age are out of control. Fuck cops.

Ima Gea - 6 months ago

did you ask Rob Dyke or the artist to use that clip?

Tarun Chahar - 6 months ago

"Even when you die , you shouldn't mess with the classics" totally agree

Noah 308 - 6 months ago

Wow mree faxon wow

wanderer damion - 6 months ago

Okay. Mary blandy is the my type of lady

Oneil Martin - 6 months ago

Nothing no name Jesus

Marleau12 njk - 6 months ago

Id be pretty pissed if I didn't get my Spaghetto's either

HippieHorseLover - 6 months ago

I like horses.

Halfanatic - 6 months ago

11:50 'any murder is terrible' said while talking about 25 murders smh

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