25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

Ever want to hold a Guinness world record under your name? These 25 world records are your best bet if you’re looking to grab the title.

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25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

Slimeustas The Slime King - a few months ago

Most jugles on a unicycle by a person named Brian in Canada whose parents are name James and Martha.

Slimeustas The Slime King - a few months ago

You could tape five cans together, put them right next to the fridge and throw out everything else in the fridge.

jacob whitfield - a few months ago

I have watched a TV show within 2 weeks without even going to sleep

jacob whitfield - a few months ago

Two weeks straight I'm serious dead serious

KyleeWasBored ._. - a few months ago

What a thumbnail

Dusan Vekic - a few months ago

Serbia?I am from Serbia and this is awesome

CriticalTheNoob - a few months ago

Ima do the shoe one

HyperDecay - a few months ago

How about shortest live there are many of those

Brutisdemongaming - a few months ago

😤 aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I can do any of those how are they easy HOW JUST HOW

Galahad The Green - a few months ago

I stood up and beat the world record for “star jumps” with 84 in 60s

Viggo Nyvang - a few months ago

I did 91 jumping Jacks in one minute

JustSomeStuff - a few months ago

So eating the saltine crackers, are we only allowed to eat one at a time or as many as we can in a minute? Because if its just how many i can at a time total then saltine one is easy af

Octo Boi - a few months ago

Most pizza rolls eaten in one sitting

Uchiha Sasuke - a few months ago

Why is YOU capped? Oh? So i cant break anything??

Squadero Emo - a few months ago

I should have filmed but I ate 15 crackers in 45 seconds. We had a contest at school.

TNTMASTA07 - a few months ago

They won’t be easy now ;-;

T Gay - a few months ago

Hold my beer

Holden Jordan - a few months ago


Wat - a few months ago

The snail one is a big no from me

Mrs. Michel - a few months ago

Ill save you time.. To enter a Guinnes world record you need to verify, READ A BIG PIECE OF TEXT, make sure everything in the text is alright, follow the rules
Bad thing is.. in the text stands a lot of hard stuff you need to understand and follow

ProChamp95 - a few months ago

Fastest time to turn off ur alarm when u wake up

Kim Taemonnie - a few months ago

Can I get an award for the smelliest fart?

MEGA FAN OF HARRY POTTER - a few months ago

The last time I did leap frog in year two I got kicked in the nose and had a nose bleed

Blaise Evans - a few months ago

Toilet paper one seems easy, just hold on to the end and throw it at far as you can

Mahesh Yavagal - a few months ago

I love

TIK TOK - US UK LT - a few months ago


Hey Ima boy - a few months ago

Easy to break wow I wish

SuperDog - a few months ago

I just now beat the jumping jack. I got one 79 jumping jacks in 1 minute!

Cffx 45 - a few months ago

I'm going for the sticky note one
Just to make sure
Can a friend help you put sticky notes on me
I'm going for 1000

Cffx 45 - a few months ago

I feel like people achieved these whilst watching the video but didn't record them
I'm the prep phase
Buying a few packs of sticky notes every time I go to the store so I don't look dumb buying so many at once …

MR_SKULL999 999 - a few months ago

I can do the toilet paper one

xXNewbzDudeXx - a few months ago


bye - a few months ago

who here Bc faze Apex in the thumbnail

Steve Eastham - a few months ago

the longest b-ball belongs to dude perfect their vid is at thee top right now

Lisa Panigrahi - a few months ago

Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz i type this in 7 sec

Alfredo Paloma - a few months ago

Pewdiepie has the longest record of killing memes

TheNiceEffector_ - a few months ago

The thumbnail is from porn hub?

Nevedhya Goyal - a few months ago


Lizon M. - a few months ago

you have 4.1k comments and my WiFi is super fast so I went down on all of dose is that a world record?????????

NOT A PRO GAMER - a few months ago

I can cuss for straight 2 hrs

Marcos S Rojas - a few months ago

Furious Pete was the guy pictured eating the pizza at 15 he also has a Youtube channel

Lorde Anonymous - a few months ago


Laziness record

Ivana Antic - a few months ago


Pieter Bakers - a few months ago

This are not records that everybody can break😔😔

2024Gursharan S387 - a few months ago

Thumbnail has apex

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