25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

Ever want to hold a Guinness world record under your name? These 25 world records are your best bet if you’re looking to grab the title.

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25 World Records YOU Could Easily Break

Gamer Boy - 10 months ago

i hate pizza in 12 poit 3 sec

Gamer Boy - 10 months ago

phoen is 2.21

KJ KATIESO_COOL - 10 months ago

Im done I eat the hole pact in 1 min and not water to easy bruh bruh frfr

Ethan Kaplan - 10 months ago

My penis is 17 inches long is that a world record

Jack - 10 months ago

leapfrog? i thought it was jumphorse

Gordon - 10 months ago

I got killed 1 min ino the game every single game since fortnite came out those that count?

hussamkhalid 4342 - 10 months ago

dud i can eat saletine cracks with noo water i can beat that record

Apollo Oregon - 10 months ago

u put too many adds in there

Winddragon777 Dog - 10 months ago

The thumbnail looks like he nutted himself while eating some green straws

xsetholsonx - 10 months ago

The fucking thumbnail

Pandaboy 101 - 10 months ago

Hehe 41.30 seconds for pizza eating pathetic

Pandaboy 101 - 10 months ago

Beat the hugging one With my mom for my whole life

Pandaboy 101 - 10 months ago

And the jumping jacks one I beat easily

Csquared _ - 10 months ago

Is being a person a world record

GD Bokocop - 10 months ago

every has their own world record if even putting a shoe on your head is a thing……. like did you know that nobody can eat a box of crackers as fast as I do in my house?

Melody Zhao - 10 months ago

How bout laziest person?
too lazy to turn off the lamp beside me…. hehe….welll…..

i love anime - 10 months ago

I've stayed up 6 days on a game and I beat it in 4 watched TV the rest of the 2 days

Zackaroo_does Stuff - 10 months ago


RoasterBoy - 10 months ago

Sounds so easy but it a lot harder.

キラー Darko - 10 months ago

I dont mind snails. But the slugs.. 😐

MLG Gang - 10 months ago

I got 107 star jumps in a minute

Bloodhound - 10 months ago

Ugh. I just blew up a balloon until it popped in 16 seconds.

derek ye - 10 months ago

Is this a Guinness world record for being the worst cheater

Shaz Demon - 10 months ago

Has anyone heard of the woman who died while trying to break the water drinking record. Google it.

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