5 Most Terrifying Medical Treatments In Hisotry

5 Most Terrifying Medical Treatments In Hisotry

5 Most Terrifying Medical Treatments In Hisotry

5 Most Terrifying Medical Treatments of All Time

Here we take a look at 5 of the most bizarre and insane medical treatments in history

What If Hitler Won World War II?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL9TOipHrIA
10 Dumbest Reasons People Got Arrested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewD-tu3ItA4
5 Weirdest Weapons Of All Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s7NW8ji2rk

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5 Most Terrifying Medical Treatments of All Time

Bryanj - 3 years ago

Reply plz .-. The pic was so cool but te video was shitt

Joe Kennedy - 3 years ago

looked like she pissed in the tub

cookiesncream789 - 3 years ago

Those animations were both disturbing and intriguing…

lonelyPorterCH - 3 years ago

puh, good luck, that medicine is way better now…

Lenny Fox - 3 years ago

nuka cola anyone?

ELLIE Hamilton - 3 years ago

that thumb nail tho

ArtistsAgainstNormal Co. - 3 years ago

Let's practice medicine.

That one guy - 3 years ago

do a top 10 or 5 most expensive bails

Joel Leblanc - 3 years ago

I don't like pop

Sachi da Empress of Idiocy - 3 years ago

The animations are scariest part of the video 😱😱😱

Ninjanuts - 3 years ago

are you the guy who does the "in 3 minutes" serious on arcade cloud?

lsedanolg - 3 years ago

Super clickbait lol

FearDa2 - 3 years ago

That moment you start click baiting but it doesn't work

Cute Pumpkin - 3 years ago

Why the fuck did u throw in a cat into the water too? I'm unsubscribing.

Archie Hem - 3 years ago

drink some of this RAD water it taste good side efects include close life span,mutation,and other horrifying things like death
……….i cant beleve it took that long to figure out that the rad water…..KILLS YOU

Edson Lopes - 3 years ago

I don't like the new voice, sorry

Stunts Republic - 3 years ago

What happened to the audio at the start

FruityMyPebbles - 3 years ago

The thumbnail lead me to believe this was a Dark5 video.

pmpJuiL - 3 years ago

the thumbnail and the video itself is so misleading… please no more animations

Mo Sj - 3 years ago

lol the to do list

HC1024 G - 3 years ago

The animators from arcade cloud and they finished under 3 minutes like usual

Samarthya Bajaj - 3 years ago

Bang The Intern? 😂😂

Super Sam - 3 years ago

This guys voice and the click bait thumbnail images are ruining this channel…

DappyDux - 3 years ago

Do Top 5 Giveaways on YouTube

HorrorStudio internet - 3 years ago

I don't like the new voice, sorry

Ashley S - 3 years ago

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Ladies Love the Moon Knight - 3 years ago

What's the story behind the thumbnail?

Pedro Kroker - 3 years ago

holy shit, i fucking loved this, animated way to tell the storys.

Merca coffee gardens - 3 years ago

I bet those Drs were jews

katina talarico - 3 years ago


Nikalogy - 3 years ago

what do you use to edit?

computerssuck93 - 3 years ago

Don't wanna be "that guy" but the title and the narrator said "five TERRIFYING" but the in the video the text read "five HORRIFYING"….
I uh, just wanted to, ya know point that out

Victoria zhuravlev - 3 years ago

what's with the thumbnail? I see it everywhere in the comments…what's with the thumbnail and some clickbait??

Crafts Collection - 3 years ago


BorealisFC - 3 years ago

Dude your voice is so anoying.

Aurielo - 3 years ago

so that means NukaCola is real

Lillian A - 3 years ago


Yuushu *-* - 3 years ago

I'm on the weird side of YouTube again

Bradley Evans - 3 years ago

Failed to mention the frontal lobotomy, widely regarded as one of the worst medical procedures in history

Rose Gibson - 3 years ago


Skanderr - 3 years ago

this voice is terrible

Fernando Franco - 3 years ago

WTF was happening back in the days😨😨😨😨😨

Jacob Bourton - 3 years ago

anyone else saw that they spelt history wrong in the title?!

mammamörkö - 3 years ago

I thought lobotomy would have been on this list too

Simmer Boil - a couple of years ago

5 most terrifying medical treatments in hisotry!

Centour - a couple of years ago

The title is hisotry hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

Matt - a couple of years ago


Official SKRL376 - a couple of years ago

You misspelt History

Duck Vlogs - a couple of years ago

I was so terrified of that docter at 1:20 jezzzzzz

Bartek Terebus - a couple of years ago


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