5 Real-Life Mad Scientists That Went Too Far

5 Real-Life Mad Scientists That Went Too Far

5 Real-Life Mad Scientists That Went Too Far

Here are some of the craziest scientists and their experiments that went too far.

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5 Real-Life Mad Scientists That Went Too Far

Lee - a few months ago

Now im scared

Lee - a few months ago

This is just messed up but I left a like

Lee - a few months ago

I dont support jose but i admit it sounds interesting

Reese Hardy - a few months ago

Good luck sleeping tonight

SKILL BRO - a few months ago

That was nonsense and these guys were not mad these guys just wanted to study how to do stuff and head transplant is first done on monkeys so don't call them cruel nature is more cruel than us

iUploadVideos4Fun - a few months ago

Number 2: wants to see through cats eyes because they have good vision.
has potato 180p quality

I am ski - a few months ago

2 things are certain in life,
1: scientists crossing the line "in the name of science"
2: Top Trending hitting the 10-minute mark whatever it takes

John - a few months ago

There is only one master of death, Herbert West!

skoronesa - a few months ago

This one isn't clickbait.

dragonrykr - a few months ago

Kosovo is Serbia

ColonelOfIntellect - a few months ago

But what if they didn't go far enough?

camero001 - a few months ago

The way he says Warwick is cringe. He says it so many times. I don't even know what Warwick did. I was distracted by WAR-WICK. A war of wicks? Fighting for candles? The chandler revolution? War wick.

Emineico - a few months ago

holy canoli

Nate - a few months ago

What about the Nazi mad scientist

James At - a few months ago

If animal testing becomes banned, what would new things be tested on?

Léo Brodeur - a few months ago

I dont think they went to far, i think these are awesome experiments!

Beyond Facts - a few months ago

Crazy muds

Razor's Retro Game Shelf - a few months ago

Stop pronouncing Warwick wrong, it is pronounced "Warrick"

wtf iswrongwithher - a few months ago

yo mama is a mad scientist. just look in the mirror. teehee 🙂

IlluminationdreamsX - a few months ago

what about nvm

Anema - a few months ago

how is mengele not here? wtf…

Hannah xPezz - a few months ago

Always Men.😒

Crazy American Hacker - a few months ago

The Russian sleep experiment.

jordan 360 - a few months ago

It’s 3am right now

Nazran - a few months ago

third one is franky

wubla kubla - a few months ago

I honestly believe the first guy shouldn’t mess with animals like that, but I wanna know more cause that sounds pretty interesting

Justin Malin - a few months ago

What about the nazi who sowed two twins together

Tech Riches - a few months ago

Mad Scientists Experiments Over Crazy Humans

JohnyBoi - a few months ago


Stina Tordsson o.O - a few months ago

Some of them just want to chance the world and make it better, but sometimes they don’t understand what they doing…

usa12watch - a few months ago

When you think of all the time, money & human resources that go into traditional research it's no wonder a few scientists go mad-A word of praise to all the good men & women out there on the cutting edge of medicine & new scientific discovery. BTW don't go mad find a better research center ie Argonne

Rayan Paul - a few months ago

Equally artificial sweep encounter knowledge time after generally content elderly pro guess.

Hard Bacs - a few months ago

dead channel.. 4.1mil subs and 40K views in 6 days…

jamie 711711 - a few months ago

lol 40k views

Junk Owl - a few months ago

Nothing's too much in the eyes of science

Austin Wohlmuth - a few months ago

What the fuck!

Leia Dhoro - a few months ago

You have to give it to Warwick, he at least used himself as a test subject.

funnyblog100 - a few months ago

Robert White's research is incredibly valuable though. Could you imagine if we could keep a human brain alive outside the body or successfully reattach someones head after decapitation? That is amazing.

funnyblog100 - a few months ago

I would put nazi scientist Dr. Josef Mengele at number 1.

Omar - a few months ago

Nr.1 should be nazi doctor Josef Mengele

Jake Bello - a few months ago

Moral of these stories: Don't f**k with science.

Alex - a few months ago

I'm surprised Joseph mengala wasn't even in this video

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