6 Massive Companies That Got Destroyed

6 Massive Companies That Got Destroyed

6 Massive Companies That Got Destroyed

From a billion dollar industry leader, to being worth almost nothing and in debt, we take a look at some of the biggest companies that took the hardest falls.

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John San Juan - 10 months ago

Internet was killing old-fashioned stores!

SnookOGPlays - 10 months ago

2 massive channels that went down
1# top trending
2# Top Trending

Dennis Bardford - 10 months ago

k Mart also disappearing

Joshua N - 10 months ago

1. My relationship

EMERALDMAN 228 - 10 months ago

You forgot Pontiac

gothatway09 - 10 months ago

Blockbuster, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, damn I grew up with these stores. It's weird to have a world without them.

Chalky - 10 months ago

I see people all the time trying to blame millennials for so many companies going bankrupt.

Pat Treu - 10 months ago

the Democrats have killed most of these stores

WAKANDAISDAWAE 2 - 10 months ago

And number 1…….YOUR MOM. OHHHH OHHHH

UnitySlayer X5 - 10 months ago

Dude I remember blockbuster, I used to rent movies and games there all the time

Xander Morrisette Jr. - 10 months ago

well they did say in the future robots was gonna take over which is the smart phones & internet & electrical machines instead of workers. Rip toys R us. most kids want smartphotes & laptop's for Christmas now

Wijaya NKS - 10 months ago

I remember when I go abroad for the first time, the first shop I visited was ToysRUs. We don’t have that in my island and I was so happy walking around the shop

xXxSHOOPIExXx - 10 months ago

To think blockbuster had the opportunity to buy it's assassin Netflix several years ago. The execs at the time had no idea the potential Netflix had. However, it was probably for the best. If blockbuster had bought it, it would probably still be a DVD/Blu-ray delivery service or worse have been cannibalized by blockbuster shortly after to save it's own brick and mortar stores. So many companies out there that refuse to change business models and end up going belly up.

Amanda Pamela O'Sullivan - 10 months ago

RIP Hastings-Books-music and videos.

Ms Sagittarius - 10 months ago

O lawd I’m from Detroit

scottie washington - 10 months ago

Winn Dixie anybody😞

Diy Number 5 - 10 months ago

I have a blockbuster by my house

Chief Seadawg - 10 months ago

Sears, K-Mart, JC Penney, Montgomery Ward, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, soon to join The Bon Marché, Hecht's, Steiger's, Stern's, Marshall Field's, Jordan Marsh, Kaufmann's, Thalhimers and other defunct department stores.

Benjamin Perez - 10 months ago

rail scholar whose boy pond shoulder grab host descend practice action.

G Man - 10 months ago

Wool worth is in buiesness in jamaica

FETTi - 10 months ago

forgot radioshack

LIGHT UP BIKES MENELIK ROAD 0755514642 - 10 months ago

Nokia was huge too…

YouTube Red - 10 months ago

But there are few blockbusters shop in rural areas

FBI - 10 months ago

I guess no more Last minute Christmas shopping :(((((

Dr Cheats On Wife - 10 months ago

I got a DeLorean in GTA Online, with Rockets. 😂😂😏😏

Ghost Ghost - 10 months ago

Good for blockbuster dead, overcharged on late.

MrMedukneusha - 10 months ago

You forgot the DNC!

SYDNEY HI - 10 months ago


CBJO_752 - 10 months ago

We still got new Woolworths opening in Germany today and got quite a few old ones. So they are still around.

olstar18 - 10 months ago

I dont think woolworths should be on the list. The company wasn't destroyed but shifted more and more focus on a store chain that was more successful than the stores that had started the company.

Tueem Syhu - 10 months ago

Walmart, Amazon, and the Internet killed Toys R us!!😠😡😈

timegirl55 - 10 months ago

Pretty soon sears is gonna be on this list

Sinister ones Alucard - 10 months ago

Gibson guitar

dylan caporn - 10 months ago

Woolworths is now a grocery store in Australia just to let you know

Holly Wood - 10 months ago

Americans rather have a few rich billionaires makes lots of money than having thousands of people have jobs. Nice going dumb Muricans.

Leighton Winter - 10 months ago

the next one will be the e.u

muntu - 10 months ago

Forgot about Blackberry.  Once the leader in mobile phones.

Robert Harry - 10 months ago

Wesyern Electric

Robert Harry - 10 months ago

Westerrn Electric. The. Home. Telephone

SomeWhereInYoHood :: - 10 months ago

i misss blockbusterrrr 😩

CaseAgainstFaith1 - 10 months ago

MCI, Enron, Countrywide, Merril Lynch…

Nofrackingzone 2.0 - 10 months ago

Fake news video. GM and Chrysler filed for reorganization, chapter 11. Both are profitable today. Do your homework.

gaston0770 - 10 months ago

Blockbuster had it coming. Glad that capitalist munster met its match. Kudos to Netflix, Redbox, et al. No? Those motherfuckers used to charge the same rental amount if video was not rewound.

DanCelsing - 10 months ago

huh Enron? so many other companies as well

Kepler Arthur Palmer - 10 months ago

My mom used to work at a Woolworth's.

Liam1sAwesome98 - 9 months ago

RIP blockbuster 😭😭😢😭😢😭 everyone fortnight me and my mum got games and movies from there all the time!

Robert Brown - 9 months ago

why was the degree ad in spanish…??

Quicklysaw6 - 6 months ago

Come on now….you publish this in 2018 and you dont even include Hastings???

eclipse - a few months ago

Toys would sell better if they were made like they used to be.
All these toys nowadays are fucking stupid. Most of them cheap as fuck in terms of quality.

Laphin - a few months ago


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