Actors Who Almost Died On Set

Actors Who Almost Died On Set

Actors Who Almost Died On Set

REUPLOAD. The biggest actors and actresses who nearly died while filming of their movies.

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Actors Who Almost Died On Set

Oak AlphaPhantom X Gaming - 10 months ago


ASH ASH - 10 months ago

O hel naw

Jackson Anderson - 10 months ago


TheLavaMan Gaming - 10 months ago

13 comments 29 likes 1 dislike 62 veiws early

Shafiq Nazrin - 10 months ago


jim cohen y escalony - 10 months ago

Fake you idiots

ALEX MASTER VLOGS - 10 months ago


JiffyPopper1923 - 10 months ago

Wait a second….. This a repost ??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

(Edit) Ahh. Didn't see the pin.🚶😐

_ Gaymond6969 _ - 10 months ago

why does it feel like this channel is dying?

Haley Padour - 10 months ago

I swear I’ve seen this exact video before.

Ant MasterGamer - 10 months ago


Epic Ducks - 10 months ago

It is a cool video

AN MEDIA. - 10 months ago

Watched it but I clicked on it 🙂

Nate Blake - 10 months ago

I just farted.

_ Gaymond6969 _ - 10 months ago

4,2 mill subs and in one hour only 1116 views? sad really

Berceski ? - 10 months ago

Lol you lyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Maggie Maggie - 10 months ago


ArcaneSiren - 10 months ago

Is it Groundhog Day?

J S - 10 months ago

10 minute video with no ads? Unbelievable

Kamsi Okpegbuo - 10 months ago


moon glow - 10 months ago

Hollywood directors only interest is obtaining the most realistic scene, often at the expense of the actor's life!!!!

cheezzyfingerzz - 10 months ago

No Viggo Mortensen during the Lord Of The Rings? He had several near death experiences in that movie.

FutureCars - 10 months ago


Irvin Lesnar - 10 months ago

Good thing I'm still alive.

Reece - GaLx_Cr4zY - 10 months ago

10:02 😂

Dunning Kruger - 10 months ago

Almost died ? or Could have been killed ?

There is a difference.

kichcha sudeep - 10 months ago

The Jackie Chan???

SapphireExile - 10 months ago

In the scene in Poltergeist where Robbie is being strangled, the actor Oliver Robins found the arms of the clown actually tightened and he started to choke. Spielberg and Tobe Hooper thought he was acting, until they noticed his face was turning purple.

Abher Lowkz - 10 months ago

Ive never heard about that last lady.

Enemy - 10 months ago

Jackie Chan

Raymone Bailey - 10 months ago

I mean…. you punched cameron…. “but did u die though”

Cameron Woods - 10 months ago

Seen this like a week ago

Jay Dupree - 10 months ago

Well fellas you had a good run, time to take this channel out back and finish it off the proper way.. 🔫🚮🤦🏻‍♂️

Verified - 10 months ago

Where in Jennifer Lopez in The Conjuring

Alexus-July Sampson - 10 months ago

This Channel Is Also Like Facts Verse. Go A Head And Follow Them, Why Not?

Jayknee Garner - 10 months ago

Sorry but y’all wrong with Johnny Depp! In no way shape or form was he dragged by the horse portraying Scout! While yes the saddle did slip( it happens) he was not dragged he was clinging to the horses main and neck! Had he actually been dragged he would have been seriously injured. The fact is that he likely had a loose cinch( #1 rule is always check your cinch), he was leaning! Putting more weight in one stirrup will pull the saddle to that side.
That fall was 80% Depp’s fault! In preparing for the roll he had to have been told a few times to always check the cinch before mounting and between takes! It’s also 20% the wranglers fault as he also should have checked the cinch! Butt it is ultimately up to the rider to check the cinch!

sfighter00 - 10 months ago

Okay, I thought YouTube made you take this video down due to some copyright issue, I can kind of see that with use of stills from "Now You See Me". But "Editing Issues", I haven't noticed it when I first saw the video. Still good list guys.

MagicalRanter224 - 10 months ago

How about actors who actually did die on set

Beyond Facts - 10 months ago

Watch it in 2x speed

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